Designing a Vintage Kitchen: Various Steps You Can Take

If you want to give your kitchen a certain kind of charming character, why don’t you try some of these fabulous vintage ideas through photos.  It will definitely give you something to look forward to when designing your very own kitchen in the future.  Here are some of these photos as follows:

This first picture mixes a lot of contemporary elements with modern as well as retro styles.  Just like in the picture, you can use subway tiles to create a bridge between the two classic designs.


Source: La Dolce Vita

This particular custom stove definitely gives this kitchen a grand highlight.  The bronze textures of the utensils further improves the physical appearance of the kitchen in terms of coloring.


Source: House Beautiful

If you want to add a retro feel to your kitchen, why don’t you try using a bright colored appliance such as this pink refrigerator?  This will definitely give your kitchen something unique in terms of design and function.


Source: Country Living

Sometimes a color scheme definitely is just the right thing that you can use to achieve the retro feel.  This particular red color scheme definitely captures the 80’s vibe.


Source: Maria Stahl

This particular picture shows a cozy little kitchen further improved by the pink color scheme and rustic feel.


Source: House Beautiful

A retro design for a beach home?  This picture is perfect for that specific plan.


Source: Coastal Living

This specific stove definitely is the center of attraction for this particular rustic inspired kitchen.  You’ll not go wrong with this appliance in your arsenal.


Source: Desire to Inspire

Coloring your appliances mint green certainly gives your kitchen the ultimate retro feel.  So if I were you I will definitely give this a try.  You’ll not regret this decision at all.


Source: Apartment Therapy

If you want to have something different for your kitchen designs, why don’t you put some color into your plans?  It is one of those simple yet amazing ideas that you should definitely consider in the future.


Source: Homedit

For a kitchen and dining room in one, you should pay attention to your table.  A center table is one of the many furniture pieces that can also serve as the one art piece that can definitely draw attention to the overall design of this particular area.  So if you want something simple yet beautiful, keep this design tip in mind.


Source: Country Living

If you want to integrate the charm and also put some color in your kitchen, these design tips can definitely help you achieve your goal in the future.  Don’t be afraid to give it a try.

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