DIY Denim Pocket Craft Ideas

This is one of the most interesting blog since we must’ve all be having old denim pants or skirts with pockets at home. You can now reuse these old denim pockets to create various interesting crafts that will make it look attractive, and very much useful too. Listed below are some of the ideas by which you can reuse these pockets to create amazing crafts at home that are simple and easy to do!

ipad pouch

Book cover:

Look at this unique book cover instead of usual brown covers or with gift-wrapped covers, you can attach denim material on top to make it look thick and this pocket can be used as pen holder or to store stationery.

book cover

Charging station:

How cool is this charging station with a handle where you can hang it near the power supply so that you can easily store the gadgets in it while charging it. Doesn’t this sound interesting?

charging station

Cushion cover with pouch:

Another interesting idea to keep the television remove in place without losing it is to design a cushion cover in denim material along with pockets in it to store remotes safely without the need for searching in nook and corners.

cushion pouch

Drink cozy:

While carrying your drink during travel or during outdoor camps and vacation, you can make use of this cozy where the pockets will help you store the straws, spoons, sugar sachets in it.

drink cozy

Envelope bill holders:

Create a long envelope bill holders with denim pockets, where they will last longer and will look nice in the living room or in the hall where you can just collect the envelopes and keep them in the pockets so that the concerned person can collect them with ease.

envelope_bill holders


Place setting idea:

This is a denim place setting that will look modern and stylish where you can make use of the pockets to store the napkins, and flatware. This will look cool and interesting where your guests will be amazed by the idea of it.

place setting idea

Denim pocket party garland:

This is a party garland where it can be placed near the food counters, so that you can place all the small requirements in it so that they can be fetched easily.

pocket garland

Stationary storage idea:

This is a large square piece of stationery-storage idea where the pockets it can be used to place each of the stationery items in it so that they are well organized.

stationary storage idea

Wreath pockets:

Look at this cool wreath with pockets that can be used to replace and store fresh flowers in it each day so that you can make use of the pockets like vase.

wreath pockets

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