DIY Sandbox Ideas For Kids

Almost every kid would love to play with sand and you can create a DIY sandbox at home for your kid. This will make them excited and will keep them occupied during holidays. There are various interesting sandbox ideas than the usual square ones and this will not only attract the kids but even elders would love to play with their kids in the sandbox. Listed below are some of the interesting ideas that will fascinate you.

wooden plank foam noodle sandbox

cabana sandbox

Colored rice sandbox:

This is another option for sandbox and less messy too if you aren’t interested in the idea of kids playing with sand. Just take some rice and mix it with colored powder and a beautiful rainbow rice box is ready for your kids to play.

colored rice sandbox

Marine boat sand box:

Boys would often love something adventurous and different than those of what girls like and you can design a boat sand box for your little boy where he can play with his marine boat dressed up like a pirate. Designs the surrounding with lifeguards buoy rings, flags, and other sea related things.

boat sandbox


Recycle old shelf to a sandbox:

This is an old shelf sandbox where you can recycle the old shelf to a sandbox by just tilting it and laying down flat on the floor. These compartments can be used to fill in different colored sand or to store the play items in it.

old shelf sandbox

Pallet sandbox::

A little carpentry work would result in a great sandbox that your child will love. This is a deck sand box made out of pallet where the sandbox can be pulled out and closed like a drawer with a deck where you can lay down some cushions for rest.

pallet deck sandbox

This is another pallet sandbox where it looks like a day twin day bed when closed and a sofa when opened. The center space can be used like a sandbox.

pallet sandbox

Stone wall sandbox:

Construct a stone wall surrounding the sandbox and this can lay permanently in the garden and when not in use you can convert it into a pond.

stone wall sandbox

Summer teepee sandbox:

Look at this summer teepee sandbox where you can make use of poles, or bamboo sticks to construct a teepee and cover it with any kind of fabric that will look attractive. This will save your kids from harmful sun rays during hot summer days.

summer teepee sandbox

Tyre sand box with parasol:

This is a large tyre sandbox with a parasol attached to it to give some shade during summers. Paint the tyre in bright colors to make it look colorful and bright.

tyre sandbox


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