Finding Your Own Decorating Style: American Coastal Style

Are you trying to find your knees when it comes to decorating your own house?  Why don’t you try using American coastal decorations for your property?  This article will try to help you understand what you need to do in order to achieve this goal and how you can improve your home in the process.

You have to remember that American Coastal Style decorations employ a lot of natural elements and textures.  Here are some of the materials that you can use for your designs.

  • Rugs with natural fiber
  • Woven fabrics like cotton
  • Grass cloth for the walls
  • Furniture made of natural materials like bamboo, wicker and the like.



Source: HGTV

Organic wood may seem weathered and old at times.  An effective way to address this condition is to have a fresh coat of paint and white wash everything.  You can also use oak as a base material for your furniture.  The main point is to make things look natural and comfortable.


Source: Ekster Antiques

In this particular picture, white is the dominating color.  To add a bit of variety, you can go ahead and include pieces with light colors and the colors of nature.  If your furniture cannot be made from natural materials like wood, make sure it to paint them white as well.


Source: Pinterest

If you can, use big windows to allow natural light to enter your room.  This will give any room in your house the relaxed and natural atmosphere that you’re looking for.


Source: Bomeng

For easy maintenance, use wood or tiles for your floors.  You can add more style to this by adding some rugs.


Source: Tuvalu Home

If you want something that can easily be cleaned up, use white slipcovers for your furniture.  This feature is highly recommended for various beach houses that people usually visit for vacations.


Source: Most Beautiful Things

If you want a more natural feel for your house, don’t hesitate to use beach inspired decorations such as shells or aquatic pieces and put them around the house.  However, be careful not to overdo it.  Let it serve to remind you of some of the outdoor adventures that you’ve had through the years.


Source: Top Dreamer

If you really want to use natural colors and tones for your house, do not be afraid to get inspiration from other sources.  In addition, spending time outdoors can also help you get the information that you need for your various designs in the future.  So if I were you, it will definitely give this a try.

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