Interesting DIY Drink Stirrer Ideas

Though drinks are the major important things when compared to stirrers, it would be cool if you can provide a unique and interesting stirrer along with it. There are various ways to make the occasion catchy and drink stirrers are one of the simplest ideas to add glam to the occasion. Listed below are some of the interesting diy stirrer ideas that can be easily made at home without any difficulty.

bunnytail stirrer


Bat stirrer for Halloween:

Look at this cool orange drink with a catchy black bat like stirrer that makes it look interesting. You can simple trim small ribbon pieces and tie them to the stirrer and it will look like a black bat at flight.

black ribbon bat stirrer

Cute butterfly stirrers:

Girls are always fond of something that is colorful and cute. These colorful butterflies will make the drink look lovely during bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers etc.

butterfly stirrers

Eyeball stirrer idea:

How about this thick green stirrer with an eyeball on top of it? Isn’t it cool to have something like this during, teen parties, bachelor parties and maybe even during Halloweens?

eyeball stirrer

Feather drink stirrers:

These simple feather drink stirrers are easy to make and all you need to do is just tie the feathers in a bunch of single large feathers to each of the stirrer to make it look nice. These kinds of stirrers will best match weddings and other grand occasions.

feather drink stirrers

Firework drink stirrers:

This is a colorful firework drink stirrer that will look lovely during Christmas, weddings and other important celebrations, as the fireworks will make them look delightful accompanying the live fireworks during the celebration.

firework stirrer

Fresh flower stirrer:

Fresh flowers always have this special aura of elegance and fresh ambiance that it spreads through the lovely fragrance from it. You can make these fresh flowers stirrers even during the last moment and brighten up the drink station.

fresh flower stirrer

Gumball stirrer:

We all love gumballs and no matter how old we grow, they never leave the crazy likes list. Make use of gumballs to adorn the stirrers and they can even pop it in once the drink is over.

gumball stirrer

Heart shaped stirrers:

Cut of heart shaped designs and stick them to the stirrers to make the drink stirrer look lovely. Hearts look cute during intimate occasions like engagements, and weddings.

heart shaped stirrers

Palm leaf stirrers:

Make use of palm leaves on top of the drink stirrers on occasions like thanksgiving, Easter and other holy ones, or even during weddings.

palm leaf stirrers

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