Spectacular Ideas for Your Powder Baths

Powder baths refer to those bathrooms that only have a lavatory and a sink.  While really small, you could have the most fun decorating this space because it doesn’t require you to spend too much money and you’ll require a shorter time decorating it.  If you want to learn some tips on how to do this, just read this article as soon as you can.

If you want something simple but elegant at the same time, the picture below is an example of what you can do with your half baths.  Its minimal design would be perfect for a bachelor pad.


Source: Pinterest

You can also try putting some wallpaper in your powder bath.  If you’re looking for a space for your wallpaper, but can’t find any, this is the answer to your predicament.


Source: The Relished Roots

You can add some stores in your powder baths by using different kinds of magazine stands and small end tables.


Source: Digs Digs

You can also put some designs on the walls such as in this picture.  The wallpaper designs in this picture catch the eye most definitely.


Source: Digs Digs

If you want a whimsical design for your bathroom, why don’t you try putting up this wooded wallpaper.  It will certainly be a fairy tale dream come true.



Source: Made by Katy

If you want to try a more formal design, a monochromatic color scheme can definitely do the trick for you.  Just look at this particular bathroom design.


Source: Apartment Therapy

If you want to have the feeling of royalty and elegance in your bathroom, this is the perfect design for you.  The gold furnishings remind me of 18th century baths and lavatories.  Truly a great idea for family houses in the future.


Source: Pinterest

Matching the color of your paint with the wallpaper design will definitely add to the artistry of a particular bathroom design.


Source: Pinterest

A strictly masculine design can definitely work for bachelor pad bathrooms such as this one.  The all black color scheme definitely works for this apartment style powder bath for men.


Source: An Urban Cottage

If you want something classy and doable the classic tile design for the walls will definitely work to your advantage.  It definitely adds to the allure of the bathroom even in such a small space.  If I were you, I will definitely give this a try.


Source: Pinterest

Decorating powder bathrooms can be difficult if you have no imagination.  However, if you have the best of ideas, it can definitely turn into a fun project not only for you but for the whole family as well.

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