Wedding Décor With Wheat

Does your wedding fall during the thanksgiving season? Well, you can arrange the décor accordingly with wheat, as it will look unique and lovely. A bundle of wheat together will look fluffy and nice that it forms like one of the simplest and nice décor ideas. You can make use of it in almost every place and it will blend accordingly.

table number decor


Aisle décor with wheat:

Take a handful of wheat strand and tie them together with a satin ribbon and you can attach these bundles to the edge of the chairs along the aisle. This will form as one of the elegant aisle décor that you can think of during weddings.

aisle decor

Rustic backdrop décor:           

Design a backdrop for the wedding or the arch in a rustic country style where you can make use of wooden logs to construct the arch and attach fresh flowers and wheat along the side rims to make it look decorative.

backdrop decor

Boutonniere with wheat:

Usually floral boutonnieres are very popular but you can think of various other boutonniere types too and wheat is one of the unique ideas that can be implemented. A single strand of wheat along with flowers or simply tie a ribbon and attach it to the suit.


Chair décor idea:

Look at this lovely chair décor with a bundle of wheat along with a large sunflower attached at the center that makes it look bright and beautiful. the white thick ribbon that ties the wheat to the chairs add attraction and glam to the décor idea.

chair decor

Chandelier décor idea:

Old rustic chandeliers can be made lovely and attractive by hanging and bundle of wheat to it. You can make this look pretty as the simple décor will serve best and make the thanksgiving season so visible during the wedding.

chandelier decor

Entry décor idea:

Look at this pretty entry décor that looks rustic and very attractive at the same time. The beautiful fresh red roses that are arranged in an order along the rim of the can with wheat at the center makes it look attractive as the light brown and red makes a pretty good combination.

entry decor

Outdoor décor idea:

Make use of an old cart, and you can adorn the cart with wheat bundles, flowers, votives and maybe use this place as a place card station, or a drink station.

outdoor decor

Place card décor:

This is a simple place card idea where you can attach single strand of wheat grains on the place cards and neatly arrange them on the tables to mark the theme of the wedding.

place card


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