Wind Chime Designs: Various Ways to Get Creative

If you really would like to find out how to make your own wind chimes in the future, this article is the right one for you. We will try to give you some ideas as to what you can do if you only have a few resources to do it yourself and build a homemade wind chime sooner or later.

The first picture shows that you may be able to take inspiration from nature itself. In this case, this particular wind chime takes the ocean as the main source of inspiration. Why don’t you give it a try?

windchimes 1

Source: poindextr

Who says that you can limit yourself to natural pieces when it comes to chime designs? You can even make this out of anything on your desk. Just look at this picture.

windchimes 2

Source: pinterest

This particular photo shows you that you can also use small flower pots as chimes for your doorways. You simply have to be creative and paint it in whatever color that you desire.

windchimes 3

Source: lets-explore

You can also use children’s toys such as this xylophone for your wind chimes to really exert your creativity. You just have to learn to find a suitable contraption to hang it from.

windchimes 4

Source: instructables

You can also draw some inspiration from oriental and organic designs. Try it for your own house in the future? I’m sure that you will not regret it.

windchimes 5

Source: poindextr

If you want something smaller, why don’t you try hanging some pebbles and use them as chimes? This will give you something different to work with in the days to come.

windchimes 6

Source: poindextr

Using kitchen utensils and some other metals from your cooking area will definitely make a good wind chime. Just look at this picture.

windchimes 7

Source: spoonful

Jewelry can be a very good tool to get your wind chimes started. It is definitely something different and unique in terms of design. Highly recommended indeed.

windchimes 8

Source: ellenscreativepassage

If you want to go vintage, you surely can. Just look at this photo and you will realize just how beautiful your antique collection truly is.

windchimes 9

Source: rebeccasower

Using bottle caps can also give you something unique in terms of design and function. It is definitely worth considering.

windchimes 10

Source: flickr

If you have some spare keys that you no longer use in the house, this can be a good tool to use as a base for your own wind chimes in the future. The keys in the picture have been painted over for a brand new effect.

windchimes 11

 Source: innerchildfun

In this particular picture, you can see that the designer used the teapot to hang the chimes in. This is definitely an ingenious design.

windchimes 12

Source: boredandcrafty

Who says that your chimes should make traditional metal sounds? Using driftwood as a material for your chimes will definitely give you something to look forward to every day.

windchimes 16

  Source: goinghometoroost

Instead of using particular metal contraptions for your chimes, why don’t you try using silver spoons? This picture shows you how it will look like.

windchimes 13

 Source: frecklednest

This particular wind chime definitely has its own unique charm and simplicity. Being made of garden materials, you will definitely enjoy working with nature to produce this type of contraption for sure.

windchimes 14

Source: gardentherapy

If you want to recycle your empty metal cans, why don’t you try turning them into wind chimes? This is what you call a multipurpose machinery.

windchimes 15

Source: designdazzle

These are just some of the major tips that you can definitely use in order to make an organic wind chime in the future. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get creative! You will never regret it.

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