10 Helpful Decorating Ideas For Your Mud Room

Having mud rooms is a great way for you to create additional storage for your own house.  You can also use this to maximize extra living space and have more use for it in the future.  However, having just a plain and simple mud room can be a bit boring, especially if you have an impeccably designed house.

Here are some design tips that you can do for your mud room to jazz them up a little bit and perhaps to make them more efficient in the process.  Hopefully, you will learn a lot from these tips and apply them as soon as possible.

Utilizing your homemade baskets will definitely be a great idea for additional storage in your mud room.  You can store a lot of items such as flip flops, shoes and work boots in them.  In addition, he can also use these baskets as temporary storage for dirty laundry.


 Source: living.msn

You can also play around with colors for your mud room.  Usually, you can see an orange wall as a staple for mud rooms, but you can definitely choose a different hue.  It depends on your mood.


Source: housebeautiful

If in case you won’t be able to hide it via a door, you can use cabinets to create secret storage spaces in your mud room especially if it is seen from your doorway.


Source: bhg

This specific mud room design offers a corner for you to clean off your dirty boots and shoes without having to go to the bathroom.  A perfect and efficient way to maximize space for sure.


Source: bhg

You can also make use of sliding doors to hide your mud room from prying eyes.  This will certainly increase privacy for you.


Source: houzz

You can add some chairs or benches to your mud room  for more comfort.  You can also use this opportunity to personalize your mud room by putting some handmade decorations and pictures in this particular area.


Source: apartmenttherapy

You can also offer individual baskets for each member of your family and place them in the mud room.  This way, they can store their own gear without it getting mixed up with yours.  This particular wallpaper also serves as a personal, family statement that distinguishes it from the rest of the property.


Source: traditionalhome

If you only have corners and not a lot of space for mud room design, you can make it work by putting up some cabinets for storage and adding some hooks for your coats or jackets.  This will certainly become a functional space in your house in the long run.


Source: traditionalhome

You can make use of your hallway and turn it into a mud room by adding extra storage on the sides like this one.


Source: decorpad

Why don’t you make a mud room for your pets?  This is where you can store all their gear as well as their own accessories.  You can also save extra space to serve as their bath area if in case you have it.


Source: decorpad

These are some of the major reasons why you should definitely create a mud room in your own house.  Which design do you think will work according to your taste?

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