6 Effective Ways To Jazz Up Your Refrigerator

If you want to change up your fridge design as soon as you can, reading this article will give you your own ideas as to what you can do to jazz it up. It is important that you remember the steps in order for you to successfully use it not only for the refrigerators but also for other parts of your house in the future. Here are some of those tips as follows:

As you can see in the picture, you can use it as your very own chalkboard. Just put a blackboard top on the surface of your fridge and you will have a double purpose refrigerator door that will certainly suit your needs. East coast


Source: Erin Lauray

In addition to this, you can also choose to have different patterns on your refrigerator door such as this polka dot pattern when some borders for good measure. It is definitely something different and unique that can capture your guests’ attention for sure.


Source: Aunt Peaches

If you want a simple change of color for your refrigerator, you can choose a bright hue such as this one. It will definitely spell the difference between your old refrigerator and the new one. So if I were you, I will go ahead and use this color change plan.


Source: Cozy Crooked Cottage

As mentioned earlier, you can play with borders and various colors for your refrigerator door. Whether it be a single door refrigerator or not, it will certainly be one of those appliances that you will never forget once you finish the project.


Source: Shoestring Pavilion

Aside from this, you can also use some traditional patterns like Chevron or various shapes to make a creative change of scenery for your refrigerator. It will definitely help you improve your creativity as well if you play around with colors and patterns long enough.


Source: Pocketful of Pretty

You can also go for a vintage design that will remind you of the classic Victorian era. This particular dissent can also show off your impeccable taste and colors and patterns not only for your appliances but also for your own home. This is exactly the reason why you should never neglect the power of experimentation. You will most likely discover a lot of things about yourself and others if you regularly allow yourself to do this.


Source: Home Talk

These are just some of the patterns that you can definitely choose to use for your refrigerator. If it doesn’t matter what color you choose as long as you use this medium to express yourself fully without limitations. I assure you that you’ll enjoy this activity whether alone or with family members.

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