7 Bedroom Designs Under Stairs That You Should Definitely Think About

Wasting the space under your staircase is a big no no especially since you can definitely utilize the free space for a multitude of ideas. Using it as a bedroom can definitely maximize the space, especially if you have limited amounts of it in your house. Here are some examples of under stairs bedroom designs that you can definitely use for your own home in the future.

In this first picture, you can see how the designer worked with the wall on the far end of the staircase and transformed it into a mini library. It is definitely one of the coolest bedroom designs that you can have.


If you want to add some storage to your bedroom under the stairs, why don’t you give this design a try? You can create a small compartment through the walls under your stairs and turn it into a cabinet of sorts. This will save you more space in an already small area inside the house.


On the other hand, you can use this space under your stairs as additional storage while having the bed in the middle. Granting, this will get rid of the privacy factor, but you have to admit that based on that picture, it is still a good idea right?


This is a design fit for your daughter. Not only does the color scheme match, the storage corner under the stairs definitely gives it a unique quality. If I were the parent, I will certainly give this a shot for my baby daughter’s room.


This is another storage idea that you will be able to use for additional space in your house. All the while, you can also use this as a bedroom space for sure. It is definitely something different to see. You will never regret using this design for your storage area or bedroom inside the house.


In this particular picture, you can see that the bed is hidden way underneath the stairs. This is a great design because it adds some form of privacy to an otherwise open area.


This last bedroom under stairs picture shows off a more masculine feel. It is definitely something that will fit a male personality that has no qualms about being in such an open area within the house. The lighting coming from the lamp, definitely adds to the simplicity of the whole interior design plan. I definitely recommend this design for the minimalist in you.


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