Colorful And Unique Window Treatment Ideas

Decorating the windows of your home can give your home a very pretty look and make it look unique. You can decorate the windows of your home during special occasions and celebrations to mark the festivity feel around the house and not only will it look beautiful from within but will look decorative even from the outside. Listed below are some of the easy to make decorative ideas that can be implemented at home.

window seat


Colorful spoon and forks:

Look at this colorful valance that is made out of spoon and fork that are joined together in a row to form a curtain along the top of the window. You can add colorful beads and sequins to make it much more attractive.

colorful flatware decor

Snowflakes crochet patterns:

This is a snowflake crochet pattern that will suit best during winters as the outside snow and the inside crochet flaky pattern will blend so beautifully well. If you are interested in crochet art, then this will be something of your interested. You can also create colorful floral designs for spring.

crochet decor

Floral garland window décor:

This is a floral window décor idea where you can join fresh flowers to make a swag that will decorate the windows during special occasions like weddings; thanksgiving etc. lovely fresh flowers will always make it a delight to watch.

floral garlands

Glass containers décor idea:

Look at these glass containers of various shapes and sizes that make the window treatment a delight to watch with water and flowers inside each of the container. You can also make use of test tubes for this purpose.

floral glass containers

Fairy lights décor:

This is one of the most common décor idea where you can make use of fairy lights like stars, balls etc to make the window gleaming in light and beauty. This star lights décor will make the window look perfect for the Christmas eve.

light decor

Pine cone décor idea:

Make use of leaves swags and pine cones to decorate the window as they will look beautiful for winter season and these cones can be hung with help of colorful ribbons to make it look attractive.

pine cone window decor

Window blinds idea:

This is a curtain window blind that adorns the windows and you can also add shelves in front of the window to place flowers, vases, photos and books on top of it to make it look lovely.

window blinds

Mason jar vases:

Look at this mason jar vases that are hung in front of the window to make the window look fresh and bright with fresh cut flowers placed in each and every jar.

window plants

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