Cool DIY Garden Paths For You

If you want to have cool adventures outdoors, you need to have a garden path that will support your love for great adventures. Are you looking for ideas that you can use if you plan to do it yourself? This article will give you some ideas as to what you can do in terms of creating your very own garden paths sooner rather than later.

This reminds me of the brick road from the Wizard Of Oz. Granting its not yellow, but you get the drift right? Why don’t you give it a try in your own house?


Source: familyhandyman

If you have extra wood stumps laying around the house, this is the perfect design that you should think about doing in terms of garden paths. It will certainly be unique and different among any other designs in the future.


Source: inthralld

If you want something more long lasting, using concrete is the way to go. The concrete garden path will not only be a great design in terms of aesthetics. It will also be formidable structure wise. It will not easily get damaged despite prolonged usage.

cool-diy-garden-paths 3

Source: tancamjenksfam

If you want something more earthy, a gravel path is the one that you should choose. It can be hard to maintain, yes. However, it will look more natural in the long run.


Source: familyhandyman

A mixture of concrete and brick material can also be good for your garden. It will definitely be a better fit for balance, if ever one or more of the family members would choose to run down the garden path in the future.


Source: diynot

You can also use some stepping stones as part of your pathway in the garden. It is something useful in attractive at the same time for sure.


 Source: familyhandyman

Here is another walking path that is definitely worth a shot if ever you would want to landscape your own garden. It reminds me of those high end gardens in various magazines for sure.

cool-diy-garden-paths6Source: ehow

You can also choose to have stone steps and arrange them like stairs in your garden. This will be something different compared to the rest for sure.


Source: familyhandyman

This is another version of the brick road design that you will definitely appreciate. Why don’t you give it a try?


Source: familyhandyman

These are just some of the various designs that you can do for your garden path. It is definitely something that you should consider having in your garden in the future not only for the aesthetic value but also for the usefulness and function.

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