DIY Projects: How To Make Your Very Own Water Display

If you want to create something to remember your travels by, all you have to really do is to make sure that you have the materials to create a water display that can remind you of everything that you get through all these years. In this article, you will find out how to create a perfect water display for all your mementos in the future. Here are some of the steps that you should follow:


Materials Needed

First, you would need to gather the following materials:


  • Display case or cabinet. If you are going to choose a cabinet, please make sure that you would be able to choose a transparent one. Use glass lined doors for you to be able to see the display inside.


  • Next, you should get small bottles that you can put on display. This will allow you to put precious objects in which you can preserve for a later time. It would be great if you can get bottles from your hotels or any other places that you may have been to.


  • You can also write some small labels by hand if you want to. You can also machine print it, however I would suggest that you read the labels down because it could turn out to be more of a labor of love if you do this.



  • Now, you can get your other little mementos from your travels like ticket or notes. You can also get some hooks for hanging your water display eventually on the walls.


Steps to Follow

Now that you have these materials, you can proceed to the first step in making your water display. This is as follows:

Begin to collect small bottles from your travels within the country or abroad. You can start slowly and let them accumulate over time, even before you start building the water display case.

As soon as you collect enough bottles, make sure to label them with the name of the place you got them from. You may be able to forgo this because most bottles from hotels already are labeled.

After you have collected enough bottles, you can now find a perfect spot for your display. You can either hang them on the walls or put it up against the wall.

You can now put your favorite bottles and other mementos on each and every corner of the display case. This way, you will be able to revisit them anytime you want. You can choose to have wooden shelves as a display case are as mentioned earlier you can use glass lined doors for you to be able to see the display.


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