Modern Summer Bathroom Designs to Spice Things Up

If you’re looking for a place to escape during the summer, you do not have to look further away. Sometimes, redecorating your bathroom will can do the trick in terms of getting the ambience right for a summer getaway. Here are some of the few tips that you should keep in mind if you want to successfully redecorate your room with a summit theme.

The first thing you can do is to take inspiration from the ocean. Take an oceanic color scheme that can definitely give you an under the sea look for your bathroom without any difficulty whatsoever. Take a look at this picture below. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Source: Susan Jablon

Secondly, you can use different shades of blue to inspire a beach themed interior decoration scheme for this particular space inside the house. The blue sheets and curtains in this photo definitely gives your bathroom a windy feel to it. It will give you an opportunity to be one with nature for sure.


Source: Interiorholic

You don’t have to work with the ocean theme to make your personal bathroom space look and feel like summer at all. All you need to do is to have the right color scheme for your furniture and some of your accessories and you will definitely get the hang of it. In this particular picture, you can see that the towels have a shade of turquoise and some nautical pieces of decoration. Other than that it looks like a normal room to me.


Source: Lonny

Another step that you can take in terms of interior design is to make sure that you have some sort of nautical object or objects inside the bathroom that you would like to redecorate. If you really want to be inspired by the sea in terms of your interior design plans, this is the best way to do so.


Source: Lonny

You can also have an outdoor bathroom design such as this one. It will definitely give you something to look forward to whenever you get out of the house into the balcony. This way, your bathroom can also be surrounded by lush greenery in the future.


Source: Knudson Interiors

If you want, you can also put plants inside your bathroom as much as there are outdoors. This way, you can be unified with nature in more ways than one. Why don’t you give this a try and see how it looks with your own personal touch?


Source: Comfortable Home Design

These are just some of the many design patterns that you can have for your bathroom if you want to achieve the summer look. It is important to take a few things into consideration like color and overall scheme for the house before even considering most of these design patterns. However, if you need something to start with, this is the best way for you to go.


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