Photo Craft Ideas

Create beautiful crafts with the photos of your loved ones. You can make use of these memorable pictures to create stunning crafts that are interesting to make and will serve as a best summer craft for kids too. Check out the ideas listed below to create interesting crafts.

wall decor

Flower crafts with a smile:

Create blossoming flower crafts with the help of cup liners. As you can cut the pictures of your kids in circular shapes and stick them as the center of the flower and petals can be creates with cupcake liners.

flower frame

Photo in a soap bottle:

Cut out the shapes of your naughty kids and insert them into a transparent soap bottle and fill it with transparent liquid soap. Now it will look like your child is swimming in soap liquid.

photo in soap bottle

DIY photo lamp:

Collect all the lovely memories and arrange them neatly on an old lampshade and glue it to the lampshade. This will look very creative and will gleam with under lights. This is one of the fantastic ideas to make use of pictures to create DIY crafts.

photo lamp

Photo vase/pot:

Create beautiful flowerpots of vase by gluing the photos to the pots and you can further beautify it with a ribbon tied on top of it. This flower pot can be gifted to your loved ones on their birthday as a memorable gift.

photo vase

Photo wreath:

Take an old ring or tire and attach all the pictures of your friends in small similar photo frames and you can prepare a graduation wreath that will look unique and beautiful. This photo wreath can be hung on the doors or also as a backdrop of your bed frame.

photo wreath

Photo in a bottle:

Insert photos in a glass mason jars with fairy lights in it and you can make use of these mason jars as a night lamp or even give it away are small return gifts as a token of love to your friends and cousins.

photos in mason jar

Picture ornament:

You can either glue the photo on top of the glass bubble or you can insert it within the bubble along with other colorful things to make it look decorative.

picture ornament

Picture vase:

Create a beautiful flower vase with a plastic mason jar as you can cut out the shape of the frame in the center of the vase and paint the mason jar. You can later insert the photo within the jar where you’ve cut out the frame size.

picture vase

Rustic wood décor:

Take a plank or piece of rustic wood and attach a picture on top of it. You can further enhance it by wrapping ropes to the bottom of the wood along with a flower and this will look very artistic.

rustic wood decor

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