Sweet Candy Table Décor Ideas

Decorating tables with candies are something that will make everyone of all age groups get excited. Candies are something that we all love right from our childhood and the craze still continues. You can adorn the tables with unique ideas as these so that it will not only look decorative and colorful but also very attractive than any other table décor. These candies can be used on any occasion for decorating purpose and not be just restricted to birthdays.

sweet floral decor

halloween candy centerpiece

Bright lollypop centerpiece:

Look at this table centerpiece where giant lollypops and twisted lollipops are used to adorn it. The gumballs fill the transparent vase so beautifully well making the entire arrangement look very beautiful.

bright and big lollipops

Candies and candles arrangement:

Look at these glass pitchers that are filled with marshmallow candies and it is topped with a candle where many such pitchers are arranged on the table in a neat order. This is one of the most delicate décor ideas of making use of simple candles and candies.

candies and candles

Candy place setting with overflowing cone:

How cute is this place setting where the neat arrangements of napkins are topped with a waffle cone that is overflowing with jellies in it. This is one of the craziest ideas by replacing ice cream cones with jellies where people can take it back along with them as a return gift.

candy place setting

Candy topiary:

Make use of bar chocolate bars to make a topiary that looks delicious and anyone would want to take it home with them. These bar topiary are simple to make where you just need some sticks, a vase and a decorative ribbon to make it. Instead of a vase you can also make use of chocolate boxes to construct the base of the topiary.

candy topiary

Christmas candle décor idea:

Large white candles can be decorated with Christmas stick candies that will look very delicious and lovely. These beautiful combination of white and red candies will make the entire table décor look stunning along with some shiny red Christmas balls and fern leaves.

christmas candies

Easter eggs and tulips:

Make a delicious centerpiece with white tulips bunch and you can place a basket or a bowl at the center filled with Easter egg candies to make it look different and interesting.

easter egg candies

Gumball jars:

This is a rainbow table arrangement where colorful setting makes the place look very attractive and the center is decorated with jars filled with colorful gumballs.

rainbow table decor

Winter white table décor:

Just like the snow flakes and pure white outer looks you can design the table with sweet resemblance of snow flake cookie candies and other white milk chocolates.

winter party centerpieces


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