The Hanging Daybed: The Easiest To Make

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If you really want to make your very own hanging daybed, this is the right article that you should be reading. This state that will easily fit twin size mattresses that can definitely be useful for such a big family as yours. In addition, I will also be made of high quality materials as most comfortable enough to become a permanent fixture of your home.

Before we go any further, let us first enumerate the materials that you will need in order to make this amazing contraption.

Materials Needed

  • Two by four studs-at least 17 pieces
  • 100 pieces of 3 inch wood screws
  • 50 inches of rope or chains that can hold at least 200 pounds
  • At least four eye bolts. You would need for more if you plan to use it on the ceiling as well.

If you want, you can also get some finishing supplies such as a drill with a countersink and bits that can match the bolts and screws. You will also need a saw for cutting the boards.

Aside from this, you also need some additional tools such as pencils, measuring tape, some carpentry tools, protective gear and Kreg jig. The next step is to take note of the measurements that you should be using for the framework of the bed. Here they are as follows:


  • Frame Sides: Two 2×4’s at 82 ¾ inches
  • Frame Joist: Six 2×4’s at 42 ½ inches
  • Deck Boards: Twelve 2×4 at 84 ¾ inches


Now that you are aware of the materials that you should be using, we can now proceed to the steps that you should take to make the hanging beds.

hanging daybed 2


You should start by cutting your boards using the dimensions given above. Make sure to leave a 1½ inch gap for your studs. After this, you can drill two holes using a countersink. Then, use the 3 inch screws to fasten the studs to the frame borders.

hanging daybed 6


You should apply some glue onto the top of the frame. After this, put the deck boards on the frame. You ought to adjust properly so that the deck boards and overhead at least 1 inch on all sides. (Please refer to the diagram above for details.) The boards should be spaced at about ½ inch apart. After spacing them, you should be able to screw them properly. Use two screws per deck board and joist.

hanging daybed 7


The next step that you should do is drill a hole using to perfectly sized bit reserved for the biggest screws on the daybed corners. The first hole must be drilled into the frame of the bed. Use some glue on the pilot hole and fasten the larger screws into the bed posts to secure the position.

hanging daybed 8


You should avoid over tightening or stripping the wooden posts because this will weaken the joints considerably.

After this, you should find the rafters or some beams to help suspend the daybed. You ought to install some screws directly to a beam or rafter. You can use the ropes and chains to hang the bed as high as you want.

You should suspend the bed 18 inches from the ground. This is the standard bench height. Now it is ready for your matches and beddings. Just make sure that everything is up to code when it comes to your rafters, roofing and beams. Using this kind of bed can definitely pose some dangers for the user. So you have to make sure that everything safe first.

hanging daybed 5


Finishing and Preparation

After finishing the bed, you should fill the exposed holes with wood filler. You should also sand the entire contraption. If necessary, you should refill some of the holes with wood filler. Use a medium grit sandpaper first, followed by a fine sandpaper. After this, you should vacuum the daybed to remove dust and sand. Do not forget to apply protective finish. Let the contraption dry for a few hours before hanging and using.


hanging-daybed 4


Source: Ana White





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