Working with Design: Various Ways of Spicing Up Your Shower Curtains

Using shower curtains would be one of the best ways for you to create some privacy whenever you decide to take a shower.  However, you can also jazz it up by using some of the most popular designs that we can offer you.  Here are some of those most innovative designs that you can create on your own and use whenever you wish.

The first one is a black and white border design shower curtain that you will be able to enjoy immensely.  In this particular picture, you can see that the curtain was jazzed up by having additional trimmings in black.  Why don’t you give it a try for your own shower curtain?



Source: girlinthegarage

You can also use gold accents for your shower curtains as well just like this one.  It was certainly be something different to look at every time you take a bath.


Source: addicted2decorating

You can also use extra sheets folded into various flower patterns to add beauty to a bare shower curtain like the one below.


Source: mama-says-sew

Who knew that ruffles can be very useful for a shower curtain in terms of design?  They look pretty good don’t they?


Source: adventuresindressmaking

You can also use different shades of coloring for your shower curtains.  This ombre style color palette will definitely make your shower curtain standout.



You can also change it up a bit and use window curtains as shower curtains if you want.  It will save you money as well as time if you decide to use it right away.


Source: sasinteriors

This lined up shower curtain will definitely give you something to look forward to a feather you would want to take a shower in the morning.


Source: homemadebycarmona

For a vintage bathroom, a beaded shower curtain definitely gives it a nice touch.  You can definitely see the hard work that was put into this product.


Source: kishaniperera

We mentioned turning your window curtains into shower curtains right?  Why not use your bed sheets instead?  This picture shows you exactly what to expect.


Source: hazardousdesign

Sometimes, you don’t have to change your shower curtain at all!  All you need to do is to iron on some ribbons and use bonding tape and you’ll be able to create a brand new shower curtain!


Source: littlegraytable

Who says that you cannot write inspirational quotes on your shower curtain?  This gives a more personalized look for sure.


Source: partiesforpennies

You can also mix it up by using different fabrics to create a checkerboard effect for your shower curtain like this one.


Source: sumossweetstuff

You can also use the checkerboard effect to create stripes for your shower curtain.  It will turn out like this.


Source: theharpsterhome

The same technique is used for this next shower curtain.  It shows that you can not only stick to two colors.  You can use as many as you want.


Source: marthastewart

If you don’t want the shower curtains to be seen, you can use a pelmut to hide curtain fixtures from the naked eye.  You can experiment with colors with this fixture as well.


Source: threepinkdots

Hopefully, you will get to enjoy eating use some of these ideas for your own shower curtain designs in the future.




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