Adorning Weddings With Beautiful Lanterns

Decorating weddings with beautiful lanterns will brighten up the place creating a romantic and lovely aura.

tree decor

You can make use of different kind of lanterns in different places especially during the late evening ceremonies to make it glisten, and turn the entire place magical. Listed below are some of the lovely ideas to make use of lanterns.

outdoor lantern decor

Traditional lanterns to decorate the aisle:

Make use of traditional lanterns and place white candles in it and you can place them alongside the aisle to make it look very serene. Additionally you can also place some matching white flowers around it to mark symbol of peace and serenity.


aisle decorColorful lantern in the dining area:

How beautiful does this look? Like rainbows have come down to create charm in the wedding dining area! Make use of different colored ball lanterns to hanging from the ceiling and you can match them with colorful flowers arranged in the vase. This will make the dining room a pleasant place to view.

colorful lanterns

Outdoor aisle décor:

Make use of these vintage lanterns to adorn the aisle in an outdoor wedding, where you can make use of shepherd’s hook to hang them beautifully. Adorn the shepherd’s hook with fresh green leaves and flowery swag will make it look very delightful.

entry decor


Flying lanterns for send off:

Send off after weddings are special and one of the most remembered moment where you can make use of various other things like rose petals, lavenders, sparklers, ribbons etc, and these gorgeous flying lanterns are a delight to view and will make the moment look like a fairy tale, like in the move Tangled.

flying lanterns

Table décor with lantern:

Among various other choices to decorate the table you can think of lanterns instantly for a low cost and traditionally beautiful décor style. Besides the most commonly used tall vases, fruit décor, photo frames and floral versions, you can make use of lanterns or votives to create a magical aura.

lantern centerpiece

Lanterns and honeycomb balls:

Look at these colorful and lightweight lanterns and honeycomb balls adorning the tent of the wedding room. The lovely drapes can be further decorated with these hanging décor to create a non-floral theme.

lanterns and honeycomb balls

Handmade tree décor idea:

This is a easy to make glass mason jar lantern that can be made use form the kitchen shelves to make a large chandelier lantern. Hang them to the trees to create stunning attire.

mason jar lantern

Moroccan aisle lanterns:

These are traditional Moroccan lantern that looks fabulous and unique. You can make use of these kinds of lanterns to make the wedding décor look unique and beautiful.

moroccan aisle lanterns

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