Bathtub Caddies: A Simple and Elegant Storage Tool for the Bathtub  

A tub caddy is one of the best ways for you to have a relaxing and enjoyable bathing experience. If you have this in your bathroom, you’ll be able to have easy access to all your favorite bathroom accessories. It will also be able to hold certain things such as towels, the candles, books and even glasses.

You can even put your personal items on top of it before you get out of the tub. This way, you will have no difficulty getting what you need as soon as you get into the tub again. If you want to get some useful ideas as to how you can build your own caddy in the bathroom this is the right article that you should be reading. Here is a list of some of the most popular caddy designs you can have in your own bathroom sooner rather than later.

Reclaimed Oak Caddy

This particular contraption can definitely hold a multitude of items from a book to a glass of wine. It can also hold your towels as well as other bathroom items. If you will never have a problem with space and storage any longer while taking a bath.

tub-caddy-made-of-reclaimed-oak-500x500 1

Source: Etsy

Bamboo Caddy

This item was particularly designed for a life of luxury and enjoyment. It is made of bamboo and has a built in glass holder. It can also be folded away to serve as a support for any activity that you may want to do involving balance. For example, if you want to balance your books on your shelf, this is the best way to do it.

Umbra-Aquala-Bathtub-Caddy-500x412 2

Source: Amazon

A Couple’s Bath Caddy


If you want to add romance to your bathing experience in the tub, this is a caddy that you should use. It is made of strong bamboo and can definitely fit a large bathtub for two. This is highly recommended for couples who want to spend time together, even in the privacy of their own bathroom.

couples-bath-caddy-500x500 3

Source: Red Envelope

Chrome Tub Caddy

This will allow the user to lounge inside the bathtub. You can light a candle or enjoy wine while you relax in the tub. One particular an advantage that it has over the other caddies would be the feature of being adjustable. This means that you can adjust it to fit your bathtub no matter what size it is.

Another feature it has is the vinyl grips. This protects the bathtub from scratches and immediate damage. This particular feature is made out of durable, rustproof metal. It also has wired compartments for holding all your bathroom necessities in place. Leslie, it has candle holders as well as a wine glass holder to be used at your leisure.

ultimate-bathtub-caddy 4

Source: Organize

A Simple Tub Sponge and Soap Caddy

This will allow you easy access to all your bathroom accessories without having to strain your body unnecessarily. This has a simple, but elegant design that you will surely appreciate.

soap-caddy 5Source: Organize

These caddies are certainly worth exploring in terms of design and function. So if I were you, I’d give myself a chance to try them sooner rather than later.



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