Breathtaking Mountain View Weddings

Among various other locations to plan for a wedding, mountain views are one of the stunning choices to make.


seating plan

You needn’t spend lavishly to decorate the place as the nature takes that role to naturally beautify the place. Making use of simple décor items like flowers, lanterns, and maybe greenery décor will blend with the beauty of the place to further enhance its magnificence and charm.

potted flowers

Old buckets and colorful flowers:

This is a simple backdrop décor where you will take vows and exchange rings as you can simply make use of poles, colorful flowers and a old metal bucket to decorate the place. The rich colors of the flowers will highlight the beauty of the scenic view.

arch decor

Simple entry arch:

You can add a simple arch to the entrance at the start of the aisle with some fresh green leaves and flowers to make the entrance smell fresh and elegant as it paves as a gateway to the fantastic view that your guest will further encounter. This will make the entire view look stunning.

entry arch to the mountain


Set up a gazebo as a backdrop on your wedding day as you can further adorn the gazebo with light colored drapes that will look fabulous as they sway in breeze. What more can be more stunning than the enormous mountains at the back?


Decorate with lanterns/votives:

You can add charm to the place by decorating it with lanterns if the wedding is conducted in the evening as the lovely sunset can be accompanies with the glow of the lanterns that will make the place look magical. Just arrange the lanterns along the sides of the aisle where they will look lovely.

lantern aisle

Lounge area:

To add more comfort to the place, you can set up a lounge area with cushions and tents to make it look like a camping party as your guests can leisurely enjoy the day at their best and it will make it one of the best day not only in your life but also in theirs.

lounge area


Just plain view:

If you haven’t got money or time to prepare for the decorations, you can still make the moment special by letting nature take its play. The pictures of your wedding will look stunning with large mountaintops and trees as backdrop.

natural view

Flower petal aisle décor:

Cover the aisle area with flower petals as a carpet and make it look fresh, simple and with lovely fragrance spreading throughout the entire place. This will add beauty to the already beautiful place.

simple flower aisle

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