Cars Theme Birthday Party Décor Ideas

Birthdays are one of the most enjoyable events not only for kids but also for parents who want to make their child’s birthday party look different and creative. Just like Barbie tops the hit lists in the girls favorite list, cars among the top most adorable list of the boys.

tyres and oils

There are lots of interesting décor ideas that you can implement to make the car themed birthday party look amazingly creative and very much interesting to look at.

road table runner

Cake design idea:

Birthday cake is one the major center of attraction on a birthday party and you shouldn’t neglect in choosing the design of the cake according to the theme and this beautiful cake with the base age number design that looks like the road with small cars on it makes it look fabulous.

cake decor

Aisle décor:

Usually we concentrate much on the aisle only during weddings and this party highlights a creative aisle design where a black carpet is spread like a road in the center with wheels and balloons matching the theme idea.

car theme

Boundary cones and flags:

How about a flagged pathway with boundary cones aligned neatly on either sides of the pathway? This will make the entry look very unique and interesting like you are entering a racing zone.

flagged pathway

Food stall:

You can order for some creative pastries and other food items that look like the wheels, signals, and other things related to racing. This will make the refreshment and food zone filled with delightful guests who not only enjoys the food but also the idea behind it.

food stall

Piñata entrance:

Look at this cool piñata entrance that will create so much of excitement and fun among all the kids as they pass through the blinded entryway. You can even let them be surprised with some other ideas behind the blinded entry to add much more fun.

pinata entryway

Candy pit stop:

Aren’t kids crazy about candies? You can install a candy pit stop filled with a variety of candies to add sweetness to the fun and to attract much kids to the stall and make the area look busy and flooding.


Signal plates:

Choose plate colors that will look like the traffic signal and you can stack them in specific order to add charm to the entire theme and idea.

signal plates

Tire table décor:

Make use of old tires to decorate the tables and you can place small flags, boundary cones and other essentials on the table to make it look interesting and inviting.

tire table decor

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