Chevron Home Décor Ideas

Decorating home with simple chevron stripes can make it look stylish and elegant. These chevron patterns are very easy to create and you can paint these designs on your own without the need for an artistic. Also you can create designs with patchwork or spray-painting these designs to redecorate your home into a stylish one.


Painted drawers:

If you have distressed or old drawers at that home that needs retouching and painting work you can simply paint them with chevron stripes and give it a new look. You can paint the entire drawer with chevron stripes like the one in the picture for a complete look.

painted drawers

This is another model of drawer where only part of the drawer is painted with chevron design and remaining parts are left untouched. This will also create a stylish look to the drawer.

rustic drawers

Painted fans:

You can paint the wings of the fan with colorful chevron stripes or you can even glue the striped fabric to create a modern look. These kind of handmade designer fans are one of the unique kinds that you wont be able to find in many places.

painted fans

Painted tile floors:

Look at this floor painting where you can initially draw the patterns on the floor and then later on fill it with colors. This type of painting can be done to the bathroom or kitchen floors to create a unique look.

painted floors

Patchwork curtains:

Just like I mentioned earlier you can create a mixture of looks by joining two or more patterns by patching them together to create beautiful designs. This is a plain colored fabric that is patched with chevron design at the bottom to create a stylish look.

patch work curtain

Stair painting:

Instead of the usual boring stairs, you can add a touch of modernity and elegance to the stairs b y painting them in beautiful designs like these. Chevron stripes are very easy to paint and you can just do them with ease.

stair painting

Chevron carpet:

Adding touch of elegance with the kind of fabric will also make home look beautiful and chevron pattern carpets are a elegance to add on. The lovely combination of black and white chevron pattern on the floor makes it look wonderful.

stylish chevron carpet

You can also match it with this kind of throw cushion to match with the beauty of the carpet.


Wooden wall art:

Make use of rustic wooden planks to cut out shapes like chevron arrows and you can attach them to the walls to create a wooden wall art that will look rustic as well as modern.

wooden wall art

Wreath décor:

This is a touch of chevron collection to the wreath by adding a simple chevron bow to the floral or leaves wreath to make it look fascinating.

wreath decor

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