Christmas Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Are you planning for a wedding during the season of Christmas? Well, create stunning and cute centerpieces that will go in blend with the season and you can make them on your own. They are easy, interesting and cost effective too. Start saving these materials and make use of it during Christmas, if not for your wedding at least for your home décor during Christmas.

snow covered wine bottles

glitter jars

Branch and crystals:

Old dried branch can be spray painted with metallic silver color and then start adorning it with hanging crystal chains and a large satin silver bow tied to the foot of the branch.

branch and crystals

Candy wrapped candles:

Look at this simple décor idea that even a children can do on their own. Collect the Christmas stick candies and arrange them neatly around the candle and tie it with a ribbon. Simple and cute candles are ready as centerpieces.

candy wrapped candles

Christmas balls centerpiece:

This is a tall glass vase that is filled with colorful Christmas balls and then topped with fresh flowers. This will look glittering, glossy and colorful as a centerpiece and is very easy to make, which can be made even in the last minute.

christmas balls

Crystals and votives:

This is a quiet expensive centerpiece where a large roll of crystal runner is placed across the table and small votives and few scattered crystals are placed on top of it. This makes it glow at night and looks very beautiful.

crystals and votives

Floating centerpieces:

If you have glass fish bowls at home you can fill them with water and place any red berries within it along with fresh green leaves and this will make a lush green centerpiece that will adorn the table.

floating centerpieces

Golden centerpiece:

This is a gold plated fruit stand that is used to adorn as a centerpiece along with golden balls heaped on top of it. This shimmering golden centerpiece is a delight to look at and will look stunning under bright lights.

gold christmas balls

Painted pinecones:

Take a tall glass jar and fill in the jar with painted pinecones in it and you can simply place that as a centerpiece. These pinecones can be coated with different colors, in matt, metallic and even with glitters to give a mixed look.

painted pine cones

Wine glass and Christmas balls:

place a few Christmas balls beneath a wine glass and top it with a candle and this will make a easy and beautiful centerpiece that will adorn the tables.

wine glass

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