Christmas Weddings Aisle Décor Ideas

Christmas season reminds us of all things in white, red and green and you can make use of these color choices to adorn your wedding hall and make it look very beautiful. Simple and budget friendly things will do a great help in decorating the place, and listed below are some of the beautiful ideas in adoring the wedding aisle.

tall branches with flowers

Floating candles and white petals:

Look at this serene aisle décor with tall glass jars with water and floating candles along with matching white petals that are laid in a neat row on the floor on both sides of the aisle.

candles and white petals

Cranberry aisle décor idea:

Tie a bunch of fresh cranberries along with some flowers and leaves to the edge of the pews or chairs. This will look very simple and elegant and will make the aisle look very neat and inviting.

cranberry aisle decor

Golden pinecones:

Dip the pinecones in golden paint and you can tie a couple of pinecones together with the help of a satin ribbon and just hang them to the corner of the chairs. This is one of the simple décor ideas.

golden pinecones

Lanterns and flowers:

Place lanterns with candles along both sides of the aisle along with bunch of flowers matching the color of the candle and they will look very beautiful and neat, also these will cost less and will help you in a budget friendly wedding décor.


Leaves in cones:

How about these cute little cones made out of music notes sheets and filled with fresh green leaves? You can make your own paper cones and fill them with leaves or even flowers to make it look pretty cute and is very simple to make too.

leaves in cones

Paper pom pom décor:

Bring back the old school days craft into implementation and make paper pom poms and attach them to the pews. You can join these pom poms with tulle or any thin fabric along with some fairy lights to add charm to the décor.

paper pom pom pew decor

Flower bunch décor:

Instead of making use of pom poms you can also make use of flower bunches along with fabric to adorn the aisle. The lovely combination of red, white and green is just perfect for the Christmas season décor idea.

roses decor

If you don’t want to add long lengthy fabric, just tie the roses to the pews with ribbons and they will still look beautiful.

simple red rose

Star décor idea:

What is Christmas décor without stars? Small cute shimmering stars can be added to the chairs to add a lovely little detail to the decoration.

small christmas stars

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