Cork Upcycling Ideas – Useful Crafts

Wine corks are used in various crafts and are very easy to implement. You can simply dip the cork in hot water for a few minutes before you can cut them into desired shape for crafts and they will cut down easily without getting broken down unevenly. Look at the ideas listed below for some of the creative ways by which you can implement the wine cork.

mirror decor

Accessory rack:

Attach the corks in a row as many as you want with hot glue and let them dry before you can pierce hooks to the cork and then hang it to the wall where you can make use of this as a accessory storage and they will look organized and is very easy to access.

accessory rack


Make use of old small picture frames that are broken or you can buy empty frames and fill the center with cork to make use of it like coasters. These coasters are heat resistant and will withstand heat too.


Cork bowl:

This is one of the interesting craft to make as you can start sticking the corks to a fully blown balloon to get the desired shape and when it is half done, let it dry before you can break the balloon. A beautiful bowl is ready for use. You can also stick it on top of old bowls.

cork bowl

Cork pendants:

Chip the corks into circular discs by soaking them into hot water before you can easily slice it off. Later you can paint the cork in beautiful and vibrant colors before you can insert a hook to it and wear it like pendants and earrings.

cork pendants


How about this cool doormat that will prevent slipping on the floors? You can make use of a vegetable cutter as a base to the mat and cut the cork vertically into half and start sticking them evenly on the cutter. Once you are fully done a lovely doormat is ready.

door mat

You can also make plain mats without a base for making use of it like a table mat.

table mat

Flower vase:

Just by looking at the picture you will be able to guess how it should’ve been made, as it is easy to make and all you need to do is start sticking them one on top of the other to form a single side wall and then carry on with the other.

flower vase

Use it for garden project:

Just simple insert the skewers into the cork and write the names of the plant or herbs on it and you can place them in front of each plant in your garden to make it look organized.

garden project

Napkin holder:

Just like a mat you need to add walls to the mat to form a tray that can be used to store napkins.

napkin holder

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