DIY Wedding Décor Ideas

There are various ways by which you can decorate your wedding hall with simple DIY crafts that will make the place look very beautiful.

string balloons

string balloons

These simple crafts are easy to make and doesn’t require any craft skills, as all you need if some old things available at home to create beautiful things.

wedding plan

wedding plan

Burlap sign idea:

Create a simple burlap signboard for the ring bearer to carry while the bride is about to come. Write the wording with a permanent marker or with paint. It is very easy to make and can be made within few seconds as you can attach the burlap to a stick.

burlap sign

Feather chandelier:

Make a feather chandelier with the help of old lampshade rim and some feathers. All you need to do is to dip half of the feather in golden glitters and then hang them to the top rim of the lampshade to make a chandelier.

feather chandelier

Glittered centerpiece:

Make a glittering centerpiece with old candelabra by fully spraying it with shimmering paint or coat it with glue and dust glitters on top of it. You can place this along with some flowers and a candle on top of it.

glittered centerpiece

Lace garland backdrop:

Create a vintage styled shabby chic backdrop for the place where you take say your vows. Just long strips of old lace and a long rope is enough to create this, as you can tie the lace to the rope and tie along both the corners.

lace garland backdrop

Memory table:

Design a memory table for those of your loved ones who are no more by placing a black board with wordings written on it along with candles on both the sides and maybe some flower petals to adorn the place.

memory table

Old door décor:

Take an old door and create a lovely display of all the bridesmaids or maybe your dear and near ones by attaching their photos to the panels of the door and you can place it at the entrance.

old door decor

Paper cone garland:

Make a unique garland with help of paper cones, and you can join several paper cones together and tie the top with a rope and hang it to the main large rope. Make as many bundles as this and hang to the rope to make a paper cone garland.

paper cone centerpiece

Pom pom and umbrella garland:

This is one of the cutest ideas and my favorite idea too, where you can make use of umbrellas or parasols to make a garland and further decorate the umbrella with strings of pom pom hanging from the rim of the umbrella.

pom pom umbrellas

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