Pom-pom Balls: Novel Pieces of Decoration

Are you looking for something new and different to decorate your room with? Then it is definitely an important task for you to finish this article. We will give you some tips on how you should decorate your room using do-it-yourself pompom balls. This will allow you to create decor that will definitely fit any interior design plan that you may have for either your own bedroom or your children’s bedroom in the future.

Materials Needed

Before we go any further, you have to know first what materials you would need to be able to create your own pompom balls. These are as follows:

First of all, you would need to have a long, thick string and some scissors to cut with. As soon as you get these, you will be able to start with your project right away.


We can now proceed to the first step in making your very own pompom balls. What you need to do is to take the string and wrap it around one of your fingers as much as you possibly can. After this, you can tie another piece of string or yarn into the middle of the ball.

If there are any excess strings or loops in your ball, uses scissors to cut or trim those parts off. This will make it easier to shape the strings into one huge ball of yarn. The sizes may differ depending on how large you want your finished product to be. You can also use different colors of yarn or strings to make your project.

The important thing here is to enjoy what you are doing. If you can do this, you will be able to make everything from rags to be put in your daughter’s or son’s playrooms. If you need more examples, here’s some pictures that you can keep to serve as inspiration for your projects in the future using pom-poms.

Picture Samples

This teddy bear rug can definitely liven up your child’s bedroom for sure.

You can also use pom-poms as your basic material for upholstery coverings and drapery like the ones in this next picture.

Whatever you choose to do, what is important that you are able to exercise creativity and ingenuity in terms of design and function. You can even make this a bonding experience for the whole family as well. You just have to be creative and you will definitely get what you want and much more in the near future.

teddy-bear- pom rug 1

Source: Belladia

colorful- pom rug 2

Source: Homesthetics

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