Simple Steps on How to Paint a Laminate Bookcase


Are you looking to redesign and refurbish your old bookcases? This is the article that you should be reading. It will focus on to giving you some tips on how you should go about painting the laminate bookcase that you may have in your house to make it look brand new. Hopefully, you will be able to follow the instructions and do this on your own, so that you would not have to spend so much money buying a new one in the future.

The first step that you should be considering is to make sure that you are able to get the best brand of paint that you can possibly get. The quality of the paint will definitely play a big role in establishing the whole look of the new bookcase.

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Now that you have decided which coat of paint to use, you can proceed to sanding the bookcase itself. It would be advisable to use an orbital sander for this one. In addition, you should not spend too much time sanding this particular piece of furniture because it is made of laminate which is essentially paper. If you sand it too much it might ruin the surface.However, you should still sand enough so that the surface would be able to absorb the paint much rapidly.

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The next step that you should take is to prime the surfaces. If you have a product called Kitz Primer, do not hesitate to use that because it will block, seal and make the paint adhere to the surface much quicker. This is why it is one of the most important materials that you should have when trying to renovate any kind of furniture.

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It is especially important when painting over laminate because laminate is much smoother than any other material. Without the primer, the paint will not easily adhere to the wood.

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It would also be advisable for you to change some of the old parts of the bookcase. For example, if the backyard of the bookcase is already thinning, take this opportunity to replace it with plywood so that the frame can become much more secure in the end.

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Additionally, let the paint dry for about 30 days before putting the accessories and books that you would want to display. This will allow it to really set and not peel the moment you something onto the surface.

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If you can follow these steps, you will certainly end up with the best looking laminate bookcase that you can ever find out there.

Source: Sas Interiors

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