Unique Wedding Boards And Wording Display Ideas

Have you ever thought of display unique wordings and signboard ideas on your wedding day? Well, instead of planning for the usual display something interesting and unique on your wedding, and make your guests admire it. Additionally these ideas are very much budget friendly and you just don’t need to spend much or needn’t spend at all. Check out the ideas listed below.

pallet schedule

Signboard and a horse:

Look at this cheery bride holding the sign of “last chance to run” tied around the neck of the horse; doesn’t this look interesting and witty too? Give a grand entry riding a horse and with this signboard attached to it.

burlap scroll

Gadget freaks board:

Are you a gadget and app freak who is always with a modern smart phone using apps for almost everything? Well, design a blackboard with app design where you can display the information in the form of downloading an app.

chalkboard sign

Chevron flag tree décor:

Hang a chevron flag tree décor with letters inscribed on it and this is very easy to make and you can simply hang it to the trees. You can make several such flags with different positive wordings are hang it everywhere.

chevron flags

Guitar case:

Show your love for music by displaying the seating plan written on the guitar case. This is typically a unique idea where you can make use of a different signboard idea instead of making use of black boards.

guitar case

Old door recipe display idea:

Make use of an old door to display recipes and menu of the day, as you can paint the door like a black board and lean it against a wall or tree to display the delicacies of the day.

old door recipe display

Old glass window seating plan:

Make use of old doors and windows in your house to create displays for your wedding day. These old windows can be used to display the seating plan in each of the panels and it will look very unique and interesting.

old window seating display

Old rustic plank:

Old rustic plank can be used to display the names of the bride and the groom instead of lavish name boards this will look rustic and natural.

rustic plank

Simple canvas boards:

Makes use of simple canvas boards or any wooden board painted in white or any color of your choice to display the wordings along the aisle.

signboard aisle

Surfboard guestbook:

How unique and creative is this surfboard guest book idea in your beach wedding or any wedding theme is such case. It will look amazing and your old surfboard can finally be put into reuse.

surfboard guestbook

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