Using Wallpaper to Jazz Up Your Furniture: 5 Ways to Effectively Do It

If you want to have a simple upgrade for your household furniture and appliances, you have to consider using wallpaper. Yes, the wallpaper is not limited to the walls anymore. You can definitely use it to jazz up different pieces of furniture and equipment that you may have around the house. This article will show you some examples of how you can use wallpaper to liven up your house effectively without using it on your walls.

Here it is the perfect example of ingenuity when it comes to interior design and crafts. Using wallpaper to cover up your old hangers will definitely catch on with the neighbors sooner or later.

wallpaper-on-cloth-hangers-500x500 1

Source: Borghildpia

Secondly, you can also try to cover your headboard with wallpaper. This unique design will definitely make your room stand out as compared to the entire house. Just be careful not to using wallpaper on your headboards if you’re going to use it on the walls. This will help complement the room even more.

wallpaper-on-a-heaboard-500x666 2

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Another wallpaper craft example that you can use would be to utilize them on switch plates. It will definitely be part of the unique design that you have planned for the entire house. It will also be a good conversation piece for sure.

wallpaper-on-switch-plates 3

Source: Home Made Simple

You can also cover your photo frames with wallpaper. This way, you would not have to spend so much on paint anymore. Just get your excess wallpaper and you’ll be able to wrap your picture frames according to your liking. I will personally give this a try for sure.

wallpaper-on-a-photo-frame-500x666 4

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Lastly, you can make an exquisite art piece using your wallpaper. Depending on the design of the wallpaper, you will definitely be able to use this as a centerpiece for your living room or any other room inside the house.

wallpaper-wall-art-500x666 5

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

So if you want something different and you need in terms of furniture design, why don’t you give your wallpaper a chance? It is definitely something that is worth trying out. One thing that you have to remember is to choose wisely when it comes to wallpaper design.

Buy a wallpaper that has your favorite colors and patterns as well. Keep the color scheme of your house in mind. Which colors will match your general color scheme? What other colors can use to enhance the scheme that you already used? These are the questions that you can ask if you’re looking for wallpaper to use for your house in the future.

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