6 Shabby Chic Interior Design Plans That Can Turn Your Life Around

If you really want to have the best looking house without even spending too much money it is extremely important free to read this article. We will give you some tips on how you can transform some of your old furniture into a brand new designs right before your very eyes. Here are some of the best samples of shabby chic design as follows.

The first one is a dining room set. This picture shows you just how simple or extravagant you can go with your dining room makeover if you want to. The paper clocks on the wall definitely give this dining room a unique design and quality that will definitely last a lifetime.

shabby-chic-dinning room

Secondly, you can go for just basic white for the color scheme. If you have no idea about color coordination, but want to change things up a bit, you should go for an all white paint job and use it on any room inside the house. In this case, you can see that the designer used an all white color scheme for this rustic sitting room. It is definitely something starkly different from the original design.


A great mixture of old and new. The old stainless steel chair and table perfectly match the gray curtains to a T. I will definitely use this in my own house in the near future.


If you want simple yet elegant planters for your rustic design, the ones in this picture will definitely match what you want. If I were you, I will certainly give this a try. You can also change the color of the paint if you want. When it comes to these little things and details, you certainly have complete control.

shabby-chic-garden decorating

The golden candelabra definitely serves as a good contrast to this overall shabby chic dining room design. It will definitely fit a rustic feel for your house. This one design is highly recommended if you want to live out in the country.

shabby-chic-dinning room

This particular kitchen design is simple yet cozy. If you have a small family and you would like to spend a lot of time with, this is the perfect kitchen design that you can use. You will never go wrong with simplicity in mind. This is why I would definitely recommend this particular design for the kitchen.

shabby-chic-kitchen design

These are just simple yet definitely captivating with case for you to change different parts of your house using shabby chic furniture and design. Why don’t you give it a chance? I am sure that you will not have difficulty finding the perfect fitting furniture set for this endeavor in the future.

Source: Design Remont

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