Ideas for Modern Bathroom Decorating with Plants

The benefits that indoor plants bring are endless; Not only do they bring life and color into your sacred living area, adding a soft feel, as well as a sense of whimsicality, but they do double duty by taking care of the nasty stuff for you, so you don’t have to. They keep your fresh air in check, and eliminate the toxins for you. If you’re one of those people who would love to keep plants around but can’t manage to keep them alive after a week – we feel you honey- then you might want to put them in there. You read it right. As strange as it may seem, it could quite possibly be the best place for you to keep them in. Plants thrive on moisture, lots of moisture. The regular exposure that they get by being inside your bathroom is ideal. Even dimly lit ones will do just fine, as some plants that live on the lower floor levels in the forest make due with just a little bit of good old sunshine. You’re in luck, Batman. Below you’ll find ideas on how to spruce up your bathroom with all that leafy goodness.

Fern Friends

modern bathroom plant decor

Reminiscent of antlers, aren’t they? These guys are called Elkhorn Ferns. Most ferns don’t need a lot sunshine, and they can hold out in your shady bathroom until then sun starts poking through your windows. Mounting your ferns up a wall inside some chic frames is a quirky way to showcase your new fern friends.

Brazen Bamboo

how to decorate your home with plants

These fast growing little fellas come in all sorts and sizes, and is the mot gorgeous shade of green you’ll ever live to see (if you haven’t seen Alex Pettyer’s peepers that is). This great plant is a joy to have around, but needs a good amount of water throughout the day so you’ll have to keep a close eye. It’s well worth the wait and care it takes for this plant. Get a load of this gorgeous little bamboo tree.

diy plant decoration

For those of you who have a skylight, you have a ton of options to be able to pull of some pretty amazing things with your plants lying around, just like this beautiful Zen-style bathroom also features bamboo, but in an entirely different prospect. Leaving this place without reaching your zen or having all your knots undone is impossible.

Living Wall

beautiful living wall

These breathtaking things are called -wait for it- Living walls, and  have gained recognition a while back and still have a good following to this day. Both a style statement and an alternative to keeping potted plants around, there are loads of companies that earn from make living walls of plants, and a helluva lot more DIY tutorials floating around if you wish to create something similar. The possibilities are endless and top picks for this treat include but are not limited to: good old moss and your friendly neighborhood fern. Play up your living walls by mixing in other plants that work well with mosses and ferns, and who love moist bathrooms just as much as they do! Here’s a fresh twist on the living wall created for the  2013 Solar decathlon, which purifies as it cools.

wall plant decor

Awesome Aloevera

potted plants for your bathroom

These guys come in a variety of all sorts of shapes, sizes, what have you. They’re no fuss, and quite easy to take care of, and only need a bit of water about once a month because they’re desert plants. They need lots of light, as these desert dwellers know how to soak up that sun, so Aloe is perfect for nooks with loads of Vitamin D. If your bathroom doesn’t allow too much sun to seep in, don’t sweat! A spot in front of a window would be a-okay, no matter how small.

Massive Monstera

plants for great interior decor

This big beauty never ceases to create warm, spa-like atmospheres wherever you wish to put ‘em. It’s a plant that doesn’t demand much. Pairing Monstera with natural materials, most like wood, goes well with large leaves. Big or small spaces, this plant will be right at home.

bathroom decoration

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

natural bathroom design


This cleverly named plant blends right in, is inexpensive, and looks great in your bathroom. Have them lined up by the side of your tub, mixing in some crystals and the like as you go and you’re all set. Fun fact! This hardworking plant is great for absorbing toxins. Cool huh? To top it all off, they’re good luck plants way back in West Africa!

plants for decorating your bathroom

The magnificent concept for covering up not so pretty under-sink pipes is both aesthetically and economically pleasing. How clever to keep them where they can soak up all the drops that make it down when you clean your hands or do the dishes!

Invincible Ivy

plant aesthetic for bathroom

Keep this one indoors! The Ivy will grow around and crawl up on almost everything! And to address that question in your head, you can certainly tame this persistent little plant flourish in some areas instead of others, though it will always grow toward the light, so it’s best to take note of that.

Indoor/Outdoor Bliss

gorgeous all natural simple plant bathroom decor

Imagine being in this masterful design; warm water with the songs of the birds and the trill of the frogs floating softly in the air. Not just a perfect place to keep your plants, there’s space for you here to!


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