Jazzing Up Your Coffee Mugs: The Best Artistic Exercise

If you want to try something different and unique when it comes to the design if your utensils and silverware, this article is for you. We will try to give you some tips on how you can jazz up your coffee mugs easily without putting out much effort. Hopefully, you will get some ideas from this article and apply it to your own mugs and glasses as soon as possible.

First off, you can change the design of your coffee mugs by painting over them. Look at this picture. The dots around the mug definitely give it more character and artistic integrity for sure. Why don’t you give it a try?

artistic mugs 1

Source: woodsofbelltrees

Secondly, you can go about writing a message of inspiration on your mugs. You can do this to inspire members of your family to enjoy their day even more. I’m sure you will not regret doing this for your family and friends. It can easily be a good gift idea as well.

artistic mugs 2

Source: meatloafandmelodrama

You can also combine different colors when trying to paint over your mug. I am sure that anyone who uses it will definitely enjoy doing so not only because of the comfort that it brings, but also because of the hard work that goes into it.

artistic mugs 3

Source: thisheartofmineblog

In addition to this, you can also explore designing your own and not by using different materials to do so. In this particular picture, you can see that the designer chose to use the golden glitter-like materials to create the most artistic mug design.

artistic mugs 4

Source: linesacross

This picture shows you just how artistic you can go with your mug. The designer of this mug used it as a canvas, effectively and therefore gave rise to the most unique mug design out there.

artistic mugs 8


Source: morningcreativity

This particular picture shows you just how much the owner loves coffee. You will not regret using this particular design for your own mug in the future. So if I were you, I will definitely try this out for size.

artistic mugs 5

Source: albiongould

Here is another inspiring message via your favorite mug. This will certainly be a good project for you and your kids to do during the summer. It will help them release their creative juices effectively without even leaving your home.

artistic mugs 6

Source: craftsunleashed

If you want, you can go abstract with your designs as well. You don’t really need to have a pattern to follow with art. Just go with the how you’re feeling at that moment and everything else will fall into place for sure.

artistic mugs 7

Source: poppytalk

These are just some of them most effective ways for you to redesign your coffee mug. With these ideas in your pocket, you will definitely be able to turn a simple coffee mug into the most spectacular art project you can ever have alone or with your family.


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