Cool Polka Dots To Decorate Your Home This Summer

Polka dots are one of the easiest patterns to create on your own and coolest options to consider for summer to make your home bright in large bold dots. These dots pattern will bring on the vibe of energy and liveliness as they are attractive, easily noticeable and bold too. Adorn home with polka dots of various color combinations and sizes to make your home stylish.

shower curtain

stylish rug

Cushion décor idea:

This is a bright yellow cushion cover with large polka dots that are touching each other and they make the living room look very attractive as the beautiful combination of grey and yellow makes it one of the coolest choices of colors.

cushion decor

cushion decor

Polka wall décor idea:

This is a cute girlie pink polka wall decor idea where the single sidewall along the headrest is painted in lovely pink with big sized cream-colored dots that match the interiors and furnishing of the room makes it look very beautiful.

cute polka wall paint

cute polka wall paint

Home office décor idea:

Look at the clean, elegant and stylish home office idea where the entire setting is in pure white along with the furnishing of the room that makes it all look so pure. The looks of the room are further enhanced and made to look very stylish with the addition of black polka dots on the walls.

home office decor

Beauty of polka dot lantern:

Hanging ball lanterns are something that sinks with the modern contemporary looks and this cluster of polka dotted ball lantern that matches the interiors of the room make the living room look modern.

lantern decor

Modern wall art décor style:

You can simple enhance the look of the plain walls and simple colored walls like white by adding more color and texture to the wall décor. This is a large square glass that is adorned with simple colorful polka dots in various acrylic colors. These colorful dots make the room look vibrant with energy.

modern wall art

Stairs carpet design:

Designing and adorning the stairs within the home makes the home look very pretty as you can design them in beautiful painted designs, or simply make use of a carpet. This is a carpet décor with simple polka dots that make it look lovely.

polka stairs

Polka kitchenware:

Look at this cool polka dot kitchenware where it makes the kitchen look modern and stylish than the plain ones that are boring. You can decorate the shelves of the kitchens with something like these to make it look modern and unique.

polka kitchenware

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