How To Make A Mason Jar Desk Lamp

A…what?! A mason Jar Desk Lamp? You can make those? You certainly can! With a couple of materials, a little bit of effort and some sound instructions, you’ll have yourself a fully functional, and totally cute mason jar desk lamp that everyone can make! A simple DIY that puts recycled goods to great use. Let’s begin:

how to make a mason jar desk lamp

mason jardiy mason jar desk lamp

You’ll need:

1.) A 1/2 sized Mason Jar

2.) Electric Drill

3.) Painter’s Tape

4.) 1/2 or 1/4 Electric Drill Bit

5.) Pen

6.) Pocket Knife

7.) Paint brush

8.) Acrylic Paint

9.) Do It Yourself Lamp Kit

10.) Screwdriver

11.) Lamp shade

12.) Optional: all purpose glue

diy lamp ideas

For the first step, begin by applying painter’s tape to both the inside and outside of the jar. This will serve as the backside of your lamp. Then, mark the spot where you’d want the cord to come out of.

cute jar ideas

Next, using your electric drill, put on the glass drill bit and begin making the hole with the mark you placed in the first step. Remember not to apply too much pressure on the drill, and let the tool do it’s thing.

pretty mason jar ideas

Once the hole done, remove the painter’s tape from both sides of the jar, and cover the hole with a fresh piece of tape.

paintpretty diy ideas

Taking your paint brush, apply paint inside your jar. Let it dry all through out.

lamp hacks

Take your pocket knife and make a rough opening on the top of the lid, just big enough for you to fit in the aptly named Nipple wire found in your lap kit, as seen above.

diy lamp

Taking the wire end, pull it through the hole drilled back in step two, and then again out of the jar’s mouth. You’ll want to do the next steps based on the instructions found on your kit, but here’s a quick run through

>Push the Nipple through the bottom side of the jar’s lid, until it rests snugly on the locknut. You can glue the rim of the lid with the glue if you want to, this part’s optional.

>Begin threading the wire through the Nipple.

>Make sure the check ring is threaded onto the wire, with the socket cap following suit. Place them atop the jar lid.

>Very carefully, connect on either side of your socket: silver screw – ribbed wire, gold screw- non ribbed wire. Wrapping the  exposed part of the wire by the screw’s neck, tighten screw into socket until nice and tight.

>Put the socket shell on top of the socket and tighten into the socket’s cap.

>Put the jar ring onto your jar, and secure.

mason jar fun

Lastly, screw your bulb on and test it out! Embellish with a modest sized lamp shade and you’re all set! We had fun, we hope you did to. Enjoy your Mason Jar Lamp Desk!

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