How To Stock Your Open Kitchen Shelving In Style

Airy, open kitchen shelving is all the rage, and for good reason too! Who wouldn’t want to channel chic, light, and bright inside their space that’s meant for cooking up a storm of delicious food and healthy habits? We’ve put together the best tips that’ll teach you how to stock your open kitchen shelves in style.

open kitchen

Organize strategically, and beautifully 

open chic space

A pragmatically organized and aesthetically pleasing kitchen with equally chic shelves is the dream. leave the most used items in the lower shelves for better accessibility and convenience.

Add color


Add color! Functional color, in the form of cook books. Devote a shelf for them, and have them some place easy to reach.

choose a cheery accent color


The life and vibrancy that pops of colors bring into your crisp, clean space is everything. Colors such as tomato red or turquoise go against white so beautifully, as seen in this kitchen. Accents make everything more quaint.

Infuse natural warmth into your open shelves


Adding warmth to your modern kitchen is easy with the help of wooden features and accents. Warmth effortlessly brings in that earthy touch against the sharp contrast that steel brings in. Throw in some baskets to embellish and you’re set!

Decorate shelves by one small feature


Uniformity is the key to achieving this rustic, bohemian look. By putting together kitchen ware in similar colors or material, your shelves instantly become cleaner.

Use artwork


Never miss a single opportunity to incorporate art work in your space! Be it the living room or the kitchen, they’re  joy to look at and suit shelves and walls well. You can have your portraits or drawings encased in frames, propped behind your cups and the like. Enjoy!

Stack ’em up high


Not for butterfingers! This visually stimulating treat gives off a full bodied kitchen feel. Every one wants a kitchen brimming with color and kitchenware and good china! So if you have ’em, flaunt ’em, and stack ’em up high! This looks stunning. Just be very careful!

Prop plates for more color


Now’s your chance to show off your superior kitchen ware. Have your plates and bowls leaning or propped up on the side to give your guests a great view of the china and their colors, but be mindful of propping them up nice and secure!

Display what you love

corner shelving

Do as the tip dictates! Your kitchen, your rules. Display what you love, and enjoy them fully. Even the most stylish item doesn’t belong in the kitchen if you don’t enjoy it or has value. Toss it out if you don’t want it in your space, and go with classic themes and timeless pieces that you love. Enjoy, and have fun!

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