Interesting Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

If you have lots of stuff but you don’t have enough storage space to keep them organize, here are tips to help you out. For a small bedroom, the first that you will do is to pared down as much as you can. If this is what you want to do then you need to makeover your storage so you can fit more stuff in your bedroom. Here are five cool storage ideas for small bedrooms:

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Maximize the Space under the Bed and Hide It

Feng Shui professionals will probably start with the idea of storing stuff under the bed, but it is just one of the smartest and simplest ways to add the entire area of storage to your bedroom. If at present you don’t have any storage, there are lots of options: you can purchase a new storage bed, or search the internet for a DIY storage solution under the bed, or raise your bed and keep some colorful storage containers under.

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Use the Space You Have at Your Dresser

Some consider using folding and drawer dividers.  This could be a good idea but not all the time. Store your clothes properly in your dresser so you can have some space for other stuffs. You can also think of other more extreme storage methods, such as removing old clothes that you don’t need anymore.



Check out Unused Space in Your Cabinet

If you are just renting your place to stay, you are not allowed to drill holes to install more shelves, but you can have access to more clothing rods, other super storage tools and over the door hangers.



Make Use of Multipurpose Furniture in your Bedroom

Small storage cabinets instead of using a table, a hanging drawer instead of a simple shelf, the nightstand can be an extra storage if you allow it. It’s a fact, small bedroom spaces may mean less area for a nightstand and other furniture, but rather something streamlined, you can fit some storage in the available space if you can.

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Use the Wardrobe Wall as Display Area

It is not the cheapest choice, and it might even look crazy if you have got a really small area to start with, but installing small wardrobes with entire wall to have a cozy feel to the area while it adds storage, instead of using bulky furniture, you can use solo furniture. To help fight the claustrophobic feel you can paint the room using light colors or use furniture and storage cabinets with light colored.

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