Tips For Styling Your Small Balcony

If you’re longing for just a tad bit more balcony space, you’re not alone! Taking into account the millions of people who live in the big city, you can bet that these guys have their hand in making some pretty creative solutions for their balconies. Read through the article to find some amazing inspiration for your own, because whether you live in an itty-bitty apartment with an equally tiny balcony, or you live in a cozy second-floor outdoor space, the list of clever ideas for you try will be more than enough to get you feeling like a professional decorator. The heart of great balcony decorating boils down to the selection of plants, comfortable seating, and a good, solid design. Maximizing your space doesn’t have to be tricky. No balcony is ever too small to enjoy! If everyone with a modest sized balcony had that notion, then the world would be deprived of some incredibly ingenious design.

 It’s All About the Plants

There’s nothing worse than a bare balcony! Adding plants will give it that sense of beauty and magic that nature never fails to deliver. Not only are they amazing to look at and have around, they also add a sense of privacy, as well as color and depth to your space.

how to decorate your small balcony

This lovely balcony celebrates plants from floor to ceiling; tiers of plants, from a plant stand, to a folding table, to the cactus laying on the ground. The tiers create the illusion decadence.

decadence in plants

All you need is a great selection to make a statement. In the space below, we see a beautiful orange tree transform a stone wall into a pristine canvas.

plants decor

Implementing the same design detail onto your small balcony the way you would in a large yard is no problem at all.  It all lies in making each flourish count. In the modern outdoor space depicted below, we see contemporary succulent planters decked out in a nice flourish. Take note of how the plants are placed along the windows so people from inside can take a glance at them too. The result? Gorgeous.

minimalist balcony decor

Don’t fret! Not having flowerbeds to embellish with, or not having extravagant blooms shouldn’t bug you silly. Treat each planter as a flowerbed! In the close-up of the space above, we see oodles of carefully curated plants, as well as seashells! Each planter holds a landscape of its own, which adds depth and detail to the balcony.


pretty plant inspo

Monochrome? Monochrome.

Allow colors to stand out by having a monochrome theme.


comfy seating

Comfy Seating 

Okay, so the plants are all set in place and everything seems to be looking fly, but there’s something missing. Ah, yes. The seats! If you’re on a budget, don’t think that good seating options are out of the picture. They don’t have to be expensive to look great. In fact, the bench below is crafted from plastic containers, plywood, as well as reed fencing. How’s that for innovative? Points for recycling!

comfy seats for your patio

And if your patio has a tad bit more room, why not add a table so you can munch on snacks or have some place to reply to your e-mails on? The Mediterranean-style patio like this one is total style envy.

beautiful balcony set up

Even a modest sized dining set can give you plenty of room to enjoy some red wine with your close circle of friends on a nice evening.

pretty patio ideas

An important part of patio design is prioritizing. When it comes to the smallest of spaces, you may be faced with some crucial choices and big decisions. Are flowers an absolute must? Do you really need a table out there? Do you add the chair, or is it a little much? Is the army of baby cactus the deal breaker? For example, the table and chair set below may be a bit of a squeeze, but it’s well worth it.

lovely color scheme

Simplicity is, and always will be, the law of the universe. If all you truly want is a quiet nook to take in the view, don’t clutter your space with the non essentials. Look at the undeniable elegance of the Miami balcony below. A couple of white modern chairs make such a big statement, wouldn’t you agree?

chic balcony design

Never underestimate the power of great strategic placement and seating on the perimeter of your balcony. Leave the center bare to create a sense of space, and perhaps place a bench on the side so you can enjoy the view in style.

cute bench

Add color to your furniture! Nothing adds more fun to anything than funky colors and a party of tasteful patterns.

color schemes for your balcony

Designing the space

As we bid you adieu, we’d like to remind you about the importance of taking your time, as well as weighing your options carefully. Take time to design your space. Plan the layout. Conceptualize what you want, so that the end result is as fulfilling as you deserve it to be. Below, you’ll see a balcony with a view of the Miami skyline. How amazing is that?

space inspo


Paying attention to the design style you’re after pays off. For instance, trimmed boxwood and white bistro-style patio furniture together create a true blue French look.

beautiful french style

Incorporate height into your design scheme. Below we see a metal shelf that holds fresh details. A wooden patio table and chair accent adds warmth, and a potted topiary gives off the garden style look of this balcony. The green pulls everything together.


Oh, and one last thing! Don’t forget that your balcony can also hold practical items. It’s all about how you incorporate them into the space. Strategic placing goes a very long way.

fresh style

Value your privacy. See how the reed fending creates a wall around the space, as do other well positioned plants. A true retreat!

how to decorate your small balcony

These DIY ideas and your own very special take on things put your very own stamp on everything. Incorporating fresh colors like pink, green, white, and black, create a mesmerizing palette of fresh chic. Have fun!

tips on decorating your balcony

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