10 Kitchen Hacks From IKEA You’ll Love

Ladies and gentlemen, the best of the best IKEA hacks have made it on this list. From your favorite Ikea kitchen island, to the drop leaf dining table you adore, and who could forget those quintessential Ikea spice racks?! Not us. This list is sure to have your favorites on the list, and some new ones that will get you penciling in your next trip to IKEA! Read through our article for more game changing kitchen tips you’ll love.ikea hacks

The Bekvam Kitchen Cart is the perfect addition to your modest kitchen space! Kitchen islands are perfect for when you’re in a tight pinch for space. It keeps your kitchen looking fresh, while keeping your kitchen needs organized and on display for your guests to enjoy. This and more on oliverandrust

ikea kitchen hacks

Ready to trade in your old dining table for something new? Never fear, for IKEA is here. Opt for hairpin legs for your Jokkmokk table. Simple detach your old ones, attach hairpin legs  in place, sand the table top. Presto! Check out acutedesigns for the lo-down.


Turn your Expedit into a gorgeous kitchen island on wheels! This wooden masterpiece even has cutouts on the counter top for easy disposal. Chic, and convenient! Visit ikeahackers for more!open shelves

Open shelves are fresh and convenient, perfect for any kitchen. If you don’t have one, go ahead and make one! IKEA has brackets with a nice finish ready for you to attach to your wall. Find some decent sized wooden planks and you’re all set!  lemonthistle knows what’s up.

cute ikea kitchen cart

Is this not the cutest kitchen cart you’ve ever seen??!! Steal this one for yourself! Customize your IKEA kitchen cart by first taking the cart apart, so you can sand the parts better, add dark walnut stain to the table top, and coat the cart in your desired color. The perfect pop of color to your kitchen! Drop by nikoosphotos for some awesome tips.

kitchen tricks

If you hadn’t guessed, this one’s actually a Kallax bookshelf from IKEA. Clever, ain’t it? To transform into your very own bar cart, put in some casters! Enjoy. sugarandcloth has got you covered.


Dalfred bar stools won’t be such a difficult fix in to your kitchens once you add your on twist! DIY lovers, now’s your chance. Add your personal mark on things, and use rich colors like gold to get things going. Please and thank you,  krysmelo!


Have your spices on full display inside cute, labeled jars, and with the super cute Bibba picture ledges, attach to the wall. Perfect. Just like the one we found on recipris.


The Knuff magazine holder from IKEA is perfect for storing your good reads, and then some! Have it perched below the sink, or behind your cabinet doors. How convenient. Take a cue from  apartmentapothecary.

diy ikea kitchen hacks

And for the grand finale, this elaborate project is the biggest kitchen hack + DIY lover’s dream: a storage unit that doubles as a table top or bar! All you’ll be needing is that Expedit bookshelf, a pull-out counter top,  doors, handles, and some cubbies! ikeahackers to the rescue. Good luck, and have fun!

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