Budget Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

Laundry rooms have improved a lot, from our grandmother’s clotheslines and washboards to washing machine and dryers. But regardless of the technological development in detergents, household appliances and others, washing clothes still feel like a lot of work.

There are things that you can do, not just to enhance your laundry area, but also to make the task much easier. Here are some budget laundry room decorating ideas that can make washing your clothes an enjoyable task.

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Choose a Refreshing Paint Color

Most homeowners paint their laundry room white or Navajo white, which is a generic ivory color. To lighten up your chore time uses a bright, lively color or even a lovely pattern. When decorating, consider the room as vital as the other room in your house and select a color scheme that you like.

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Maximize the Storage

Most of the time, a laundry room is not just a room to wash clothes, it also serves as a place to keep your tools, cleaning supplies, sports equipment, catfood or other items. Think about your needs and how you can maximize the storage in your laundry area. Of course you will need a place to store the detergent and other laundry materials.

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Don’t  Forget to Decorate

Just because this is a place to wash your dirty clothes it should not look beautiful. Attractive containers for detergent and other supplies, a family photo, a woven basket for your rags, or a lovely vase can actually add beauty to this room and make the area a more enjoyable place to be in. Laundry room art can also make your room elegant and is super affordable. Art holds misplaced socks or serve as a storage to help things organized in the laundry area.

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Laundry Room Pass-through

This budget laundry room decorating idea can likewise affect the entire house and helps keep dirty clothes where it belongs – in the laundry area. It does not take much besides the available blank wall to have a laundry room pass-through or an opening to make it easier for you to drop your dirty laundry. The pass-through may open to the master closet, but if in case your room is adjacent to a bathroom, hallway or other accessible room, a dirty laundry drop can be positioned there also.  There are lots of decorating ideas out there that you can apply in your laundry room.  Just make sure that it will complement the house interior design.

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