Color Blocking Basics

Nothing makes a bolder statement than color blocking! The technique of juxtaposing solid colors in two or more hues is a sure fire way to creating the best looking space ever, and the possibilities are endless. With color blocking, all you need is a small selection – maybe even two – of your favorite knock-out hues, and you’re all set. The world  wall is your oyster.

Color Blocking in Still Life Styling

Still life revival encompasses everything from product photography to art projects, and is simple with its modest yet breathtaking color-blocked backgrounds.


Most of the time, color blocking involves a still live object propped against a two-toned colored background styled on the diagonal. Note how the earth toned rock pops against the vibrant hues.

vibrant hues

color blocking

Accents make all the difference!


Combining paper and mirrors into the equation, this masterpiece was achieved.


Adding color is grand way to spruce up your space while adding personality and energy within the walls.  The magic of color blocking and its simplicity makes it all the more spectacular. You don’t need to hire a professional that will charge you major bucks to get something as phenomenal as this DIY favorite.

Deck the Walls

When you bring red and deep eggplant together, the outcome is nothing short of magic. Just take a look at how the colors transformed this bedroom:

vibrant room

Experimenting with colors, color blocked hues, tropical tones, plants, and other accents make for a kick-ass space. Don’t reign in your creativity, and explore all the different ways you can achieve a brighter than life room. Corlo blocking isn’t just for the walls, give your floor some love too!

fresh colors

Your color blocking doesn’t have to be limited to funky, geometric outlines. Sometimes, even straight lines make a big statement, as you’ll see here:

muted shades

Get creative with all that space! Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that the details make or break the entire thing. You don’t need to go all out on the whole room when you have a stand-out piece that brings the whole room together, like the details on this cabinet (how amazing is painter’s tape?!):


It’s hard not to be enthralled by this show-stopping shade of yellow.

vibrant yellow

Nude and Pink anything will always look amazing. Sue me. The harmony that these two bring is undeniable.

nude and pink

Color-Blocked Decor

The gods have heard our prayers! Color blocked decor are now readily available for us earthlings who need a little help in the DIY department. But whether you’re a Picasso in the work den or a Plain Jane who’s in need of those creative juices, these ready to go pieces are gifts from above.

chic pink accent

color combos

There are a ton of great DIY ideas and style inspirations that will get you all heated up pining for and decorating your home in the glamour and mod style that is Color Blocking. Not only are you able to achieve the exact style you want, but you get to save a helluva lot, too! Check out this uber cute hand made wonder:


Affordable style is now a reality, ladies and gentlemen. Just look at this! A receptacle has never looked so good.

fresh colors

The marriage of turquoise and orange is a sight for sore eyes, don’t you think? These glossy, ceramic pieces look quaint and elegant.

diy color blocking

Pink and Green look just as exquisite! Take a look at this twist of color that is strangely reminiscent of Piglet:

pretty in pink

Cobalt and white together in this glossy, modern piece is so chic! A super classy hanging porcelain pot, what more could we want?

hanging pot

You can even let this style spill over your gift wrapping! Color block away and let the motif be bold and beautiful, as life was always meant to be. These presents look too good to open!

color blocked motif

Try not to get paint on your shirt! Have fun!

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