DIY Lamps: Making Something Out of Nothing

Lamps are an important part of the living room or bedroom because of the purpose it serves as part of house lighting. However, what if you don’t have the money to spend on expensive lamps? I guess you would have to make your own right? This article will help you by making sure that you see some samples of DIY lamps that you can do on your own. Hopefully, you will get an idea as to how you can do it and apply it on your own home. Here is how to make diy lamps :

First off, you can make your own land by using plastic Polaroid camera stands serve as its legs. Then, you can make your own lampshade head by using old ones and repainting them just like this one.

lamp 1

Source: erynwithay.typepad

Secondly, with this particular lamp, you can see that the stand is made of driftwood. You can repaint it and use stainless steel colors or just keep it as it is.

lamp 2

Source: upcycledtreasures

As you can see in this picture, the owner decided to make use of left over cloth to try and redesign the lamp head. It gave it a more elegant look and classic feel as a result.

lamp 3

Source: takingcareofmonkeybusiness

If you’re looking for something unconventional and out of the norm, you can use unused bottles and turn them into lamps like these. It will certainly be a good conversation starter in the living room.

lamp 4


Source: ilovetocreateblog

This lantern box definitely gives old lamp shades a run for their money. It will give you a certain sense of accomplishment knowing that you were able to create this on your own.

lamp 6


Source: homestory.rp-online

You can go simple and just use an old strainer as your lampshade head and place a light bulb inside. You can hang it over your dinner table just like this one.

lamp 7

Source: momtastic

You can also redesign your lamps unconventionally by putting some letters on it. In this case, you can carve it onto the lampshade head like this one.

lamp 8

Source: allthingspaper

This is a good way to get your children involved in this project. Have them draw their favorite cartoon characters and use them as your design for your lampshade head. Your kids will definitely enjoy this.

lamp 9

Source: aliciasivert

For this particular design, the designer used tissue paper and turned it into paper roses that he then stuck onto the lamp itself.

lamp  10

Source: heatherednest

Lastly, here is a small Halloween inspired lantern that can definitely turn heads as soon as you put it on display. I am sure that you will never regret doing this because it will capture not only the attention of the adults but the kids as well.

lamp 11

Source: apieceofrainbow

Diy tea cup lamp:

You can make your own  Diy tea cup lamp , exactly like on  Anthropologie website  just  for under $50, using secondhand  cups and dishes and some supplies from the hardware store.DIY tea cup lamp

check here for instructions : anthro lamp tutorial

These are just some of the many lampshade designs that you can do on your own. Always be creative and everything else will surely follow when it comes to making DIY projects like this one.

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