DIY Tray Projects – 15 Lovely Serving Trays To Make

If you’re looking for something different when it comes to interior design, why don’t you use trays as decorative elements in your living room if? It will definitely give you something unique and useful in terms of design and function for your living room. Here are some tray design projects that you can embark in, so that you may be able to express the artistic side of your personality sooner rather than later using trays.

The first picture shows you an elegant marble tray that can definitely be useful when it comes to entertaining guests in the living room. You can either use it as it is or use it as a canvas to paint over so that you will get different textures and colors in the process.

DIY marble serving tray

Source: Pennies for a Fortune

Secondly, you can build a wooden tray like this one from leftover splinters and paint different patterns and colors on it. It will certainly express your personality easily without any hassles. In addition, you will also be able to revel in the fact that the trade was made by your own hands.

diy drink tray

Source: Build-Basic

Here is another take on a wooden tray. If you want to put it on display on your living room table, this is the best way to do it. If it will definitely give you something to look forward to every day in terms of design.

diy wooden tray

Source: Sakssteinpapir

If you want your trays to sparkle, why don’t you use gold glitter and sprinkle it all over your trade before using it. It will definitely give your tray something extremely unique that will make it stand out among all others serving utensils in the future.

diy gold flakes serving tray

Source: Vitamini Handmade

You can also try trays with different shapes. Just look at this picture of of a hexagonal tray. Isn’t it amazing design wise? This being said, you should not be afraid to try different things for your serving tools. Use this as an opportunity to express yourself and your personality through your own personal kitchen tools in the future.

diy tray  geometric design

Source: Oh Oh Blog

Here is another golden tray that you should definitely give a shot. It is simple yet very functional and would definitely last a lifetime. So if I were you, I’ll go ahead and use this simple yet functional design for my trays.

DIY white and gold serving tray

Source: Francois Etmoi

You can also use bright colors for your serving tools. As seen below, this bright colored tray definitely gives a more cheery design ploy for the owner. It will definitely lift the spirit of anyone who decides to use it in the future.

 breakfast tray tutorial

Source: Creative Live

These are just some of the many trade designs that you can use if you want to make your own in the days to come. Remember that you’re serving utensils should be able to reflect a part of your personality. If this happens, anyone who uses the trade will definitely appreciate it even more so than before.

Picture frame Traypicture frame-diy-tray


Sea glass mosaic traySea glass mosaic diy tray                                                                                                sandandsisal

Striped wooden traydiy-ticking-stripe-wooden-server-tray


Flat tray with handles

DIY Flat tray with handles


Herringbone traydiy woven serving tray                                                                                                  stylemepretty

DIY Watermelon serving tray

DIY Watermelon-Serving-Tray



vintagey breakfast trayDIY vintage breakfast tray


DIY Wood Coffee Table TrayDIY-Wood-Coffee-Table-Tray


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