Our Kids’ Bedroom Designs: From Simple to Chic

Are you having space problems for your kids’ bedroom? If so, this article is the one that you should be reading right now. We will give you ideas as to how you can save space without sacrificing the artistic value of this particular bedroom when it comes to designing. Here are some photos that can inspire you for sure.

First, you can use this space on the walls to create a storage area for all of your kid’s things. Whether it be toys or some sort of collection, if your child will surely enjoy seeing his favorite things on the walls. It can also solve your space problem for sure.

contemporary-kid bedroom

Source: Diva Concept Sinc

You can also opt to have your children’s bedroom extend to the terrace. This will give it more space without sacrificing privacy because of the glass door and curtains in between as you can see in the picture.

chic pink bedroom

Source: Dkor Interiors

In this specific picture, you can see that this couch by the window  was also turned into a makeshift bed which will end up accommodating more friends in case of sleepovers. It is definitely one of the best ideas that I’ve seen so far.

blue and green bedroom

Source: Robeson Design

If you don’t have enough space, instead of designing horizontally to arrange the furniture in such a way that it can be lined up vertically to save space. This will definitely add to the uniqueness of your design. It can also give you more space for display and storage.

modern purple bedroom for a girl

Source: Koray Yavuzer

In this particular bedroom, you can see that furniture were sacrificed for additional playing space for the child. In addition, the owner decided to use a smaller bed to add to this space. It is definitely worth considering in terms of design and function for a kid’s bedroom.

green and purple bedroom

Source: Imagine Living

This next picture also employs the same idea as the previous one. It gives the occupant more space for various activities in the room without compromising aesthetics for sure. What a great design to try out! You should definitely give it a shot sooner rather than later.

white and blue bedroom  for a boy

Source: Duane Kaschak

If are fond of earth tones, this particular color scheme for the kids’ bedroom will fit the bill for sure. It is definitely something worth exploring in terms of function and aesthetic value. You will not regret using this in the future for your own kids’ bedroom.

brown and white kids room

Source: Benning Design

These are just some of the designs that you can work with when it comes to creating a suitable space for your child to stay in. It will definitely bring out his own personality and ideas in the future if he has his own space to thrive in. You should give it a chance. I am sure that you will not regret doing so for your kids as well as for yourself.

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