Retro Pendant Lights: Something To Look Forward To

If you are looking for ways to use your pendant lights as part of your overall room design, reading this article should be first and foremost on your list of priorities. We will give you some ideas as to how you can use it without overwhelming your design patterns. You just have to look at these pictures and possibly get an idea as to how you can do it.

First off, you can go for the retro effect. Choose the mirror ball pendant lights with bright colors to get that retro-modern look that we all covet for our living rooms or bedrooms. It will definitely bring character to your room eventually.


Source: Tom Dixon

Secondly, you can also use the golden mirror ball if you want to have a retro disco themed house. It will certainly be a good conversation starter if you use it on either one of your rooms inside the house. This is why you should give it a definite shot for your own house.


Source: Tom Dixon

You can also use it for business purposes. If you want an elegant and classic effect for your restaurant, using mirror balls can definitely do the trick for you. It will also add decorative elements to an otherwise bare space.


Source: Tom Dixon

If you’re not a fan of too many mirror balls you can only use one for your kitchen as seen below. This is a strange but oddly beautiful addition to an otherwise dreary looking kitchen.


Source: CB2

If you want something classic, why don’t you try this pendant lamp. It is definitely something worth exploring in terms of design and function if you’re a fan of the classic and cozy look for your home.


Source: One Sunday Morning

Who says that pendant lamps should only be a circular or spherical in shape? Here is a prism shaped lamp for you if you want something different for your own home. This is a definite departure from the usual mirror ball pendant light we usually see.


Source: West Elm

In this particular design, you can see that it is a mixture of modern and retro influences in terms of design. It is definitely one of those quirky gadgets that you can use for your own house in the future. If I were you, I will go ahead and buy this for my own bedroom as soon as possible.


Source: West Elm

These are just some of the most prominent design patterns that you can definitely use for your own bedroom or any other room inside the house. You should definitely give these a try because it is something different and unique. People will appreciate this even more if they see that you are proud of it as part of your overall house design.

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