Small Apartment Designs: Working Around the Lack of Space

If you have a small apartment, but still would want to design it in such an elegant and beautiful manner, here are some of them most effective tips on how you can do this easily. All you need is a little bit of creativity and you will surely be able to make the most out of your small studio apartment.

If you want to effectively decorate your small studio apartment, you have to maximize the space that you have. Just because you have a small apartment, it doesn’t necessarily entail that you won’t be able to put as much furniture and decorations in it. This picture proves it.


Source: onmyagenda

This second picture shows off a feeling of elegant coziness for sure. You will definitely enjoy living with this particular loft design.


Source: nicholeloiaconodesign

This horizontally arranged studio apartment definitely gives me a modern, masculine vibe. The color scheme also emphasizes the simplicity of the design.


Source: mikelirastorzainteriorismo

The warm earth tones add space in this particular apartment. Always remember that colors and lighting can create illusions of space in a house. You should take this into consideration when designing your small apartment.


Source: nm-interiors

For this particular small bedroom apartment, you can convert the remaining space apart from the bed into a small reading area or receiving corner just like this one.


Source: susandianaharris

If you don’t have the patience in your apartment, you can use curtains to serve as partitions for your bedroom and living room. This will create the illusion of more space for this small apartment.



Source: joanheatonarchitects

You can also turn your living room into a small workstation if you don’t have enough space in your tiny apartment. This way, you can multitask while creating the perfect design for your apartment.


Source: jpda

This picture shows you that you can combine the kitchen and bedroom in one space. You just have to be a resourceful in trying to figure out how to position the bed effectively.



Source: tervoladesigns

This simple but elegant apartment design stands out because of the color scheme that the designer used to create it. The loud colors that make up the color scheme for this apartment, definitely gives it more character and a touch of personality as well.


Source: marycook

This is one way of separating the bedroom from the living room in a small apartment. Use dividers and curtains to facilitate some privacy in between the two rooms. By doing this, you will be able to give each and every one of the occupants there much needed space from one another without having to renovate the smaller apartment itself.


Source: axismundi




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