Tips To Bringing The Caribbean To Your Home

Did Captain Jack Sparrow come to mind when you read the title? No? Just me? Anyway, the timeless beauty of the Caribbean has been adored and fawned over for centuries. Its picturesque colors of blues and whites, as well as the tropical feel of it all, is enough to sail the seven seas for. But with our article, you don’t have to go through so much trouble! Here are the top tips for bringing the caribbean to your home, and being the master of caribbean style.

Vibrant Colors

This style isn’t just about neutral tones! Color is the best remedy to everything, really. Take a look at this breathtaking set up:

caribbean feel

Channel the sea and the sky and all things tropical when decking out your home with the Caribbean feel.

beautiful home decor

From eye catching designs, to muted colors, you can have anything and everything you want incorporated within this style. Pops of color here and there always perk up the place a hundred fold.


Producing contemporary style isn’t rocket science, take a cue from this lovely home so you can recreate the stunning look yourself.


Crisp Textiles

White is always a color that embodies the caribbean, aside from rich shades of blue. Incorporating other rich colors, as well as stripes, adding tasteful embroidery along with classic white sheets, and playing around with your color palette and hues would make the beautiful island proud.

striped sheets style

Look at the mosquito net.  There is beauty is simplicity. Plus points for practicality! Everything looks so much better with this wonderful little accent.


There’s just something about crisp white bedding, sheer canopy fabric, and mosquito nets that transport us to where the sun, sea, and sky meet. These details effortlessly bring the Caribbean feel all the way to the part of the world you’re in.

caribbean style

The color white is a staple when achieving elegant Caribbean style and home decor.

white motif

Wooden Accents

Wooden furnishing never ceases to tell a story, convey richness, depth, and warmth to any home. It’s a classic element in all things elegant, sophisticated, and extravagant.

wooden accent

Woven pieces such as those made from rattan and bamboo create texture and tie the whole place together. White walls plus wooden accents? A true blue Caribbean styled dream home.

wood plus white walls love

Tropical flourishes and antique embellishments create this gorgeous space that would be the envy of any princess or gypsy:

tropical style

This room is proof of the power of amazing wooden furnishing. Effortlessly exuding elegance and a timeless feel, the room encapsulates true caribbean vibes.

caribbean how to

Incorporating modern pieces into your Caribbean themed home will add a fresh twist on things, giving it a chic feel. Lo and behold:

modern elegance

Tropical Greenery

Nothing gives homage to Caribbean style better than lush greenery to liven up the place. Whether or not you’re blessed with big, bright blooms or not, all you need is some greens, wood, and a splash of color to bring everything together.

tips for creating a caribbean styled home

Simplicity in the form of a palm leaf can set the tone just fine. The intricate lattice work not only provides privacy, but gives a sense of regality, too.


When trying to bring about the energy and presence of the caribben, an ocean motif is a great place to start.

ocean motif

Enjoy your gorgeous Caribbean escapade!

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