Color Scheme Ideas For The Great Outdoors

While you’re busy soaking up as much of the outdoors as you can before it gets too chilly, get busy with finding a fresh color palette for your backyard while you’re at it! It’s always the right time to talk fresh, vibrant color. Be it the walls on your front porch, the flowerbeds, or your cliché picket fence, we have a selection of to-die-for color schemes that you’ll love!

Punches of Red-Orange

Neutral shades will always be a must, but not playing them up or experimenting with explosive shades would be a crime. watch this color breathe life into every crevice of space you present it to.

red accents

Nothing beats a stunning red accent. Most especially stunning when you pair it up with glossy, azure tones. The combination is just ethereal. The warmth of chili red and the cool of the aqua blue play beautifully together. The fiery orange wall + the pool is too good to be true.

color scheme

Red-Orange should be a color scheme on everyone’s pinterest board. Don’t be afraid to mix things up with a little bright yellow! These two powerhouses combined make for a killer combination that isn’t too overwhelming at all. Afraid that tans and yellows make things a bit drab? The orange-red will kick that problem out to the curb.

bright color scheme

Details, details, details. Accents like little pots can make everything a gazillion times better, and cuter!

pretty pots

Nature’s Colors with a Twist

Nature’s done right when you put lime green and turquoise! A match made in color scheme heaven, these two shades mesh beautifully together, and add that element of fresh, airy chic that so many spaces try to achieve. These two have got you covered. Paint your pool house with ’em and the gods will be begging to take a dip.

turquoise pool

You can incorporate your color choice through your accessories and tools too! Get creative.

outdoor style

Decking your space out with succulents spruces things up, and is a great way to incorporate nature into the mix.


Water is a magnificent addition to your yard, a feature that when decorated right, can transform the entire space. Enhancing your space has never been easier. Incorporating fresh, cool colors like mints, azures, and blues to your pool area, and having matching cushions and lounge areas to boot? We have a winner.

elegant pool side

Peach and Blue

Bringing these two together was the best thing anyone could have ever done. The addition of white stripes makes it all the more chic! Taking cool blue and warm peach together makes for the perfect pool side haven.


For something with more flare, turquoise never ceases to bring vibrancy, and adding a dash of cobalt blue for a more powerful contrast to the peach and white stripes is a statement no one will be quick to forget.

blue accent

Looking at these photos made me want to buy all the turquoise and peach pints of paint! Hope these style tips inspired you to transform your own place into something worthy of an MTV stint! Have fun!

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